December 9th, 2010

2011 H-Town Showdown – EAT

We’ve decided to create a mega-über-ultimabracket for the H-Town Showdown. Gone are the days of random, one-on-one matchups. Here are the days of organized chaos imparted by simply drawing lines, connecting them, and calling it a “tournament”.

One day, in a wacky standoff like no other, we’ll pit bar against restaurant against museum, but today we turn to you, Loopsters, to decide what places in Houston are worthy of being cast in one of our possible 32 spots. Below you will find a poll of more than 20 possibilities from which to choose. The top eight will make it into the bracket for “EAT”, and will be ranked by popularity.

(You can vote twice, once per each grouping below.)

If you have a “write in” vote, leave it in the comments. If enough people agree with you, we’ll knock off one of these contenders and insert your choice. Oh, what a great thing democracy is…

Just in case you need a little help in deciding who will get your vote, we’ve covered a few of these places in our writing:

Laredo Taqueria
Hubcap Grill
Moon Tower Inn
Zelko Bistro
Petrol Station
Melange Creperie

[Remember to vote for DRINK and EXPERIENCE as well.]

— The Loop Scoop


Alexxx — Thursday, December 9, 2010 2:22 pm

Taco Cart –
Tacos Tierra Caliente

At the West Alabama Ice House

Paul — Friday, December 10, 2010 10:00 am

That place is sooooo good. Many a post-kickball taco have filled my belly from there.

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