August 2nd, 2010

A Traveler’s Update

Continental’s entrance into the Star Alliance has lead to a significant increase in destinations available to travellers and starting on August 16, things will be even easier for those flyers wanting to use United out of George Bush Intercontinental. On August 16, United will be moving from Terminal A to Terminal C, gates 20 and 21. This is the north concourse, which has recently seen less traffic due to updates in the terminal and a slumping economy. With United moving to Terminal C flyers will no longer have to wait for a bus to take them to their connecting flight or reclear security.

I came across the changes while looking for the best way to get to Terminal A from the METRO Airport Express which, by the way, isn’t easy. Rumors had been flying around about United moving to Terminal C, but when I saw the move noted on United’s website with firm dates, I knew it was actually going to happen.

The changes actually show the strength of the relationship between Continental and United. When Continental was a part of the SkyTeam Alliance and partners with Delta and Northwest, they made no attempt to bring them over to Terminal C, opting instead to keep them with their regional operations in Terminal A. This relationship is a good sign of things to come and I am very excited to see both airlines engaging each other to better serve the customers.
As the merger looks more and more likely, this move will also help make the transition much easier and I’m hopeful that we see more positive things come from it.


Continental is actually trying to help flyers all over their network by moving gates at different major airports to allow for faster connections between Star Alliance carriers. In Frankfurt, Continental has moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 as well as moving from concourse A at Denver International to concourse B. For more information on terminal and concourse changes, you can visit the Continental important notices page.

These moves do come at a cost, one example being Denver. While Continental was in concourse B there was the a Presidents Club located there with a great staff. Since the move, that Presidents Club has closed and as far as I know, the employees have been let go. Denver used to be a weekly stop for my work trips and I grew close to the staff there. Knowing the club is no longer there puts a little damper on my travels through Denver now.

On that note, let’s talk a little about the merger. It seems there is a real negative spin being put on the fact that Houston will no longer be the headquarters and the merger as a whole. As we’ve seen from Continental’s announcement of a management team going forward, it is pretty much a 50/50 split on employees from each company. This is a very good indicator of things going forward and we should be happy to have the potential for even more flights to Houston, leading to a need for more employees and other services.

— Stephan


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