July 7th, 2009

Brown Bag Deli: Get Your Green On (and Protein and Chips)

In 9 Words: Green, Communal, Fresh, Sandwiches, Costello, Mac, Bread, Efficient, Bright

Have you ever sipped a fountain drink from a cup made of corn? We have. The drink cups from Brown Bag Deli, clear and seemingly plastic, blare the label “Made From Corn.” You won’t escape the notion that you’re eating in a very “green” establishment. Yes, the buzz color is sweeping the nation, but this is not a surprising focus from a deli that has ties to Barnaby’s Cafe.

On our first collaborative Loop Scoop effort, we visited the Brown Bag Deli on Westheimer, sandwiched (enjoy the pun) between the Upper Kirby and Montrose areas of town. We, like all Brown Bag Deli patrons, partook in the unique ordering process — a series of check boxes for sandwich options and sides galore, neatly and conveniently inscribed on the same brown bag in which our sandwiches were served.

Collectively, we had a veggie burger, a turkey and cheddar, and a roast beef and horseradish white cheddar. Everyone was pleased with their choice, and no one offered to sacrifice a bite of their sandwich to another in our party. We followed the subdued lead of Elvis Costello playing softly over the stereo as we finished our sides — cole slaw, cracked-pepper potato chips and fruit salad — the familiar, yet addictive tastes overwhelmed any urges we had to speak.

While we try to avoid reviewing specific dishes, something must be said about the bread. It hit our taste buds with the subtly sweet taste only found in the loaves my hippie aunt prepares from scratch.

The friendly staff accompanied with the single publicly accessible desktop Mac gives this Brown Bag Deli a friendly if not communal vibe, which suggests that all sandwich lovers are welcome for any amount of time; whether they’re in a rush, casually brushing up on notes before a test or meeting a client.

So there you have it.  We’re not a one and done deal.  The Loop Scoop’s posterity spans two published posts!


Main Stats:

Where – West University (2540 Amherst, Houston, Texas 77005)
Montrose (2036 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77098)
Downtown (810 Capitol, Houston, TX 77002)
What – Exciting Additions To Your Standard Deli Combinations
Wear – What Ever Hunger Finds You Wearing
Who – Anybody That Loves to Brown Bag It
How Much – All Sandwiches $5.50
When – Anytime as Long as it is Between 11 and 6
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— Richard


El Random Dude — Wednesday, July 8, 2009 2:56 pm

Good review. It is total BS that they used a brown bag. They must hate the environment AND the world. If they were truly “green” they’d take notes in their head and bring the food out to you with their hands. I guess not everyone can be as passionate as I about reducing their eco-footprint.

When are you going to review the Taco Cabana at 59 and Kirby?

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