October 22nd, 2010

Bubba’s Sportsbar & Grill: Maximum College Football

In 5 Words: Dive, Sportsbar, 1983, Fantatics, Cheap

The older I get, the more I run screaming anytime someone mentions hanging out, well, pretty much any place on Washington.  Sure, there are still a few bars on that street I’ll venture to, like Porch Swing, and, well, Porch Swing, but only during daylight hours and usually only for crawfish season.  Give me a dive bar no one goes to and I’m a happy girl.  Why?  Because I’ve found that they are usually devoid of the typical Affliction wearing douchebags that haunt the “cool” places to hang.

Last Saturday both the UT and Tech games were on at the same time, and I was trying to find the perfect place to watch both.  Of course my loyalties lay with Texas, but since the rest of my family went to Tech, I like to cheer them on as long as they aren’t playing Texas.  This is the definition of a good sport (cough, cough you know who).  I digress.


A friend of mine suggested Bubba’s Sportsbar & Grill, and since I had never heard the name mentioned by one of those “Be Seen” types, I was down.  Technically it is a Washington bar, but not really, since anything past the roundabout doesn’t qualify.  From the outside Bubba’s looks rather small, but looks are not to be trusted when describing hidden jewels such as this.   Inside are plenty of tables, expertly arranged to maximize TV viewing.  The wrap-around patio is a Houston Fall paradise – more tables and chairs, and even an extra room complete with a separate bar that can be rented out for your private party occasions.

We ended up walking into a sea of orange, and not the right kind of orange.  Tech was playing OSU.  Apparently OSU changes viewing locations for every game and this was their location of choice.  We decided to stay, mostly because the TV placement inside is pretty spectacular.  Three large screen HD TVs opposite the bar and no less than 10 around the other walls.  And not tiny pointless TVs that you can’t see unless you’re standing right in front of them, either.  The spot we picked allowed me to watch both games at the same time.  Excellent.

Besides spectacular TV placement, this place fulfills all important dive bar requirements.  Plenty of seating?  Check.  Great covered patio with even more TVs? Check.  Cheap beer?  Check.  Good bar food? Check.  Parking?  Check.  Super sweet old dude who has been coming there since it opened in ’83? Check.


Now, the thing that impressed me the most was the service.  I love it when people bitch about service at a bar.  It’s a bar, get over it.  They are usually the ones who have ordered super complicated drinks, have special food requirements, or are just plain a-holes themselves.  Bars are usually understaffed and the bartenders and wait staff have to deal with stupid drunk people for hours on end.  Also, it’s usually pretty difficult for two girls to get decent service from a female employee.  Why?  I don’t know, but I still have to send a guy up to the bar to get my drinks at a Rice Village place that shall remain nameless.  Not so at Bubba’s.  Our waitress was not only nice, but quick enough for the place being as packed as it was and super friendly.   Another waitress even came over and said hello because she remembered my friend from another visit.  At that point the theme song to Cheers starting playing in my head.

What goes best with beer and football?  Burgers.  Thankfully Bubba’s doesn’t disappoint on this important staple.  I had the Home Run –grilled onions, American cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce.  Burger, you are aptly named.

If it were a strict alcohol volume to cost equation, the choice would be simple, but I’m a beer snob so I turned my nose up at the $6 pitchers of Bud and Miller Light and opted for $3.50 Shiner.  I drink my beer like I eat my ice cream – “Light” is pointless.


I’m still trying to figure out how that bar tab so cheap.  I stayed for 6 hours, ate, switched from beer to Grey Goose after the Texas victory (yay!) and Tech loss (boo!) and my tab was $45.  That’s right, top shelf drinks are $5.  $5!  I can usually spend $45 in about 45 minutes drinking Grey at almost any other establishment outside of my own home.  Cheap drinks, yes please!  I’ll definitely be back next Saturday for more college football action.  Who knows, with it so close to work it may even become a regular lunch spot as well.


Where -  6225 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007 (View Map)
What – Beer, Food, Sports
Wear – No Affliction necessary
How Much – Seriously cheap drinks

— Stacy


CS — Friday, October 22, 2010 3:58 pm

I’ve been there and agree completely with you! I’ll definately be back for the awesome, cheap food!!

Russ — Friday, October 22, 2010 4:10 pm

I have also been to Bubba’s. Stacy is correct – Great place!

KC — Friday, October 22, 2010 5:45 pm

I love Bubba’s. I’ve know about it for years.

Mike — Monday, October 25, 2010 10:01 am

This is a good spot, but definitely not a dive bar.

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