February 12th, 2010

Chinese New Year at Te House of Tea

Sunday is Valentine’s day and the people of the world are scrambling. “What to do? How can I impress? Will I seem over-eager?” are just some of the questions that are being posed as I write this. Well, there’s always one way out. You can decide not to be a shill for Hallmark and the rest of corporate America by supporting a couple of good causes as well as celebrating the Chinese New Year. A new contributor, Eileen, is here to tell you just how you can pull it off.


Te House of Tea is hosting a combination Valentine’s Day/Chinese New Year event this Sunday from noon to 2:00 featuring Scarlet Threads and The Community Cloth. Eager to boost the fair trade spirit in their shop, Te invited both organizations to showcase their wares and raise awareness for their strikingly similar initiatives. Both organizations aim to empower women who face extraordinary circumstances through employment.


The Community Cloth supports female artisans who have fled Burma, Bhutan, and Nepal and are starting new lives here in Houston. Their efforts center around providing these artisans the opportunity to produce and sell their hand-made products. These indigenous linens, scarves, and bags enable the women to preserve their own culture and allows them to develop new skills for their life in the United States. Guests will even be treated to a traditional Burmese show.


Scarlet Threads, a compassionate e-boutique that specializes in fairly traded, unique products designed and produced by talented seamstresses in a rural village in China, empowers women in rural Asia through employment. The founders are a Texas couple who, after two years of living in the village and working at a foster home for special needs children, wanted to make a broader and more lasting impact in the region. The ultimate vision for Scarlet Threads is to provide counselling and job training to women in the village in order to help them to raise their own standard of living and that of future generations.


As always, Te will be serving some of the best tea in Houston (Fair Trade, of course) and I hear that their roasted red bell pepper soup is fantastic!

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[You can read Eileen's Fair Trade chronicles on the Scarlet Threads blog]


Where – 1927 Fairview St., Houston, TX 77019 (View Map)
What – Chinese New Year Celebration
Wear – Fair Trade, If You Got It. If You Don’t Buy Some at the Event
How Much – Free!! Plus What You Pay for Tea (and Other Things)
When – Sunday, February 14, 2010 from Noon until 2PM
Web – The Assortment of Links Below
Te House of Tea
Scarlet Threads (homepage)
Scarlet Threads blog
Scarlet Threads Twitter
Scarlet Threads facebook
The Community Cloth(facebook)
The Community Cloth email: (thecommunitycloth@gmail.com)

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