May 26th, 2011

Dear Houston: It Ain’t Easy Being Nikki?

Dear Houston,

What do you think about Nikki Araguz getting a reality show?


Lisa, The Heights

Dear Lisa,

I’ve often wondered what normal people in the state of New Jersey think about the clan of neanderthalic meatheads and sluts that parade about on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Maybe those “normal people” don’t exist in the state and it really is a debaucherous, idiotic free-for-all 24-7 come spring break. However, I like to think that somewhere in the The Garden State, an Italian grandmother with a cool head and a college education is watching that crap and crying like the Indian that gets littered upon in those commercials from the seventies.

Similarly, I pose the question to all the T’s in LGBT; is all press good press? Cressandra Thibodeaux, the filmmaker behind the series Being Nikki calls the show “uniquely innovative and inspiring” as she champions Nikki’s quest for peace amidst her rampant legal woes, lobbying for marriage rights and life in general as a transsexual woman. Then why do some of the details surrounding the premise of the series smack of Tila Tequila and elimiDATE? Maybe it’s paltry, but for this reason alone, I simply don’t buy all the pomp and circumstance.

No matter what side of the Araguz legal fence you find yourself, if Thibodeaux and Araguz really want to serve as sentinels for the LGBT cause, perhaps beseeching a stable of young studs to vie for her hand isn’t the way to go. The struggle for LGBT equality is hamstrung enough by non-televised ignorance without adding a cartoonish cry for attention to the mix; the real-life struggles of that camp are multi-faceted enough in and of themselves. The LGBT community being forced to hitch their wagon to a poster-child that many consider a hack doesn’t seem to do much good for the cause.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the debut of Being Nikki on September 29 at 14 Pews won’t be such a transgendered travesty. Maybe it will be tasteful, and something we can all hang our hats on with pride. However, I’ll believe it when I see it. Of course, that may be just what Nikki wants. Ah…now I see how this works.

Preparing for the worst, expecting better,


— Tea Jones


Diusiamut — Wednesday, May 14, 2014 7:15 am

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