June 20th, 2011

Eatsie Boys: Houston Hot Sauce Committee

The summer months have to be hell on those food trucking around town. Unfortunately for Houston food truckateurs, it’s the longest season and upon us already. For us lovers of food truck fare, we’re lucky because one of the wheeled steel cabins slinging good grub is willing to fight for our right to party. Eatsie Boys cruises the streets of Houston finding sometimes-homes to set up shop and serve inspired cuisine in checkered paper boats. Not only that, they’re Beastie-Boys-cliche friendly. A (lazy) writer’s dream.


Don’t ever take a location for granted. A food truck – in this case a “food trailer” – has wheels for a reason. The easiest place to run into the posse in effect is the new parking lot right next to Agora. As with most fires in nature, in the urban jungle, sometimes they are necessary to give birth to opportunistic buds. Sabotage or not, Eatsie Boys has sprouted forth touting local sourced ingredients, turned gourmet-caliber dishes (that aren’t served on dishes at all).

Double check the social media sites before you hit the road. Eatsie Boys does a pretty good job at letting you know their whereabouts on twitter and facebook. For me it was an easy find. Being an Agora regular, if I’m early enough (especially on the weekends) to the coffee shop, I stand a pretty good chance of catching some finger lickin’ good food.


As does their location, the menu is constantly facing transitions. When they have it, I opt for the “No Sleep Til Philly” for my dinner (or lunch, or even breakfast if they would let me). Sliced ribeye topped with grilled onions and Cheez Whiz (homemade, no less, so please excuse the copyright infringement) all on a Slow Dough bun. It’s not Geno’s, but it does the trick. Coming from the hometown of the cheesteak, it’s my duty to buy one wherever they may be sold. So far, Eatsie Boys is the only place I have been that does the sandwich justice by slathering it with it’s appropriate sauce.


Yes, most of the fare on the menu has a Beastie Boys theme. What’s in a name? At least you walk away with something memorable to tell your friends about. It’s not just a breakfast sandwich of bacon topped with eggs over easy, cheddar and sauteed vegetables, it’s the “Egg Man Sandwich.” Unfortunately not all the options are Beastie-heavy. You can still have the Vietnamese influenced “Da Bomb” chicken sandwich or even a couple of “Pork Snuggies” without feeling like you’re butchering one of the Brooklyn trio’s songs. So what’cha want?

Speaking from my experience, if you’re planning on sticking around Agora your food will be delivered inside. I know that we want what we want when we want it, but it takes time to build. Eatsie Boys won’t break the 3-minute rule, but you’ll be pleased when your meal arrives, especially if you’re pairing it with one of the tall, glass-bottled cokes they have for sale inside the coffeeshop.


Bring your wallet if you’re interested in trying some of the unique options. My favorite cheesesteak runs a cool $8 and a few bucks more to double the meat. The cheapest thing on the menu is the “Pork Snuggies,” but they’ll only whet your appetite for more. You won’t get the best bang for your buck at Eatsie Boys, but you’ll get one of the biggest bangs for all lifestyles.

And that’s the scoop.


Where – Anywhere, but sometimes Agora
What – Eccelctic mix of Beastie Boys named fare.
Wear – More importantly, what’s your ride going to be to find them?
How much – $6+ for a sandwich. Count on it.
Hours – Whenever they want.
WebWebsite; Twitter; Facebook

— Paul


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