March 31st, 2011

Final Four Field Guide: University of Connecticut

With all the fans coming into town this weekend for the Final Four, we realized that we needed to do what we could to help them out. Using some brash generalizations and stereotypes we’ve decided on a few places we could send the fans of Kentucky, Butler, Virgina Commonwealth and UConn. You’re welcome.

University of Connecticut

All you need to know: They used to be called the Aggies, but that wasn’t exciting enough. So Huskies they became. Bet the anticipation and ensuing pride that followed that announcement was palpable enough to slice with a butcher knife. There mustn’t be much to a name though, because the Huskies are back…again.

Where we’d send their fans in Houston:


Let’s Go Streaking!
We’re way past our fratboy days, but we do enjoy a good streaking session every once in a while. Winning five games in five consecutive days was quite the fete, Huskies. Now this little run through the field of 64 (I mean “68″) is also impressive. Will the streaking come to an end? Never! That’s why we think you should go buck naked through the crowds at the Big Dance Concert Series. Nothing says team pride better than nude runs amongst throngs of music lovers.

Scotch and Tapes
Jim Calhoun has about as good a reputation as the man who will helm the opposite bench on Saturday. Some controversy has surrounded the embattled coach this year. And while we sent Calipari to Marfreless, Calhoun is going to get a pass from us. He looks like the kind of guy that needs to relax with a good cigar and stiff Scotch. That’s why we think that you UConn fans can hook up with him at Downing Street Pub. Pour your perfect combination of water and Scotch while the coach pours over game tape.

Did you know that UConn started as an agriculture school? Hmmm. Sounds familiar to us Texans. Huskies will want to reunite with their long lost brethren of College Station this weekend. The family reunion will be held at Taps House of Beer or Rebels Honky Tonk we would guess. Get out there early, Connecticutians. The dualies will be taking up all the parking before you know it.

The Name Game
Kemba Walker is a stud basketball player. Kimbo is a stud brand of espresso. And while I don’t know a place in town that has Kimbo as their choice grind, how about a few other places you can grab a good cup of joe? Direct your attention to Tuscany Premium Coffee in Greenway Plaza, Catalina Coffee on Washington Ave and the new Revival Market in the Heights. You will luck out if you want a party favor to take home with you D’Amico’s in Rice Village actually sells Kimbo Espresso, but it’s not much of a coffee shop.

— The Loop Scoop


PJ — Thursday, March 31, 2011 8:48 pm

Gotta chime in as a Uconn alum displaced to Houston:
Want some great ice cream like at the Uconn dairy bar, head to Amy’s Ice Cream. Looking for a Bidwell Tavern kind of haunt: Black Labrador on Montrose. Looking for a late night grinder like at Ted’s Grinders? I’m still looking. They don’t know what grinders are here in Houston. They call them subs. Sigh.
But my best advice is to enjoy the Tex-Mex. If you’ve only ever had it in CT, then you don’t know good Tex-Mex. Any corner restaraunt will be better than what you get up north.

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