February 1st, 2011

Floyd’s Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse: That’s a Mouthful

In 6 Words: Cajun, Oyster-Bar-Trash, Wood-Floors, Whiskey, Suburban, Seafood

On a chilly Saturday, sometimes a cup of seafood gumbo is the only cure for the discomfort of our mild Houston Winter. “Holy Crawfish Tales!” I’m reminded that Floyd’s Cajun Seafood and Texas Steakhouse in Pearland is but a stones throw away. As if some speed bump of destiny on the way to satiation, I’ve found myself anticipating dinner hours in advance. I’ve been assured the food is damn delicious, not helping matters. Fast forward the day, please. This waiting is rougher than a stucco bath tub.


Evening finally arrives and so have we, at Floyd’s. We run around back, past the bricked patio with its trash bucketed tables and festively hung lights. Moving up the aged wooden ramp and into the waiting area, we give the host our magic number and tell ‘em we’re hungry with a growl. He responds as any sane person might after being greeted in such a way and asks us politely to sit down. They’ll yell fer us when a table’s free. 20 minutes pass—there seems to be some kind of Octogenarian reunion, as the waiting corral fills up with silver and white and everything drunk. No kidding. It was like Bill Murray’s Ground Hog’s Day with them cocktails.


Ah, our name’s been shouted in exaltation. Good thing, too, I was about to grab some Tobasco off the nearest table and spice up the sleeve of my coat. We’re seated just near the bar—entertainment is taken care of. Our drink orders are promptly taken, and having snagged some menus while waiting amongst the class reunion of ‘56, we’ve already decided what we’ll be devouring to cure our hunger pains. One cup of Crab Bisque, one cup of Seafood Gumbo, one Oyster Bar Trash, one Grilled Chicken Plate with Sweet Potato Fries, and one Blackened Chicken Plate with Floyd’s Veggies.

Sometimes listening to other people’s conversations is infinitely more fascinating than my own. In this case, seated opposite our table just in front of the Cajun themed stained glass windows, there are two couples debating on the relevance of sports. “I don’ like sports, I certainly don’ give a f#$k about professional sports. Why da’ hell I wanna watch someone else run aroun’ fer in them tights.” I wish I could say this conversation was ending soon, but the fact that they’re ordering four more Jim Beam’s and a second round of entrees tells me our party of three has now grown to a party of seven.

Yeah, that's Oyster Bar Trash. Delicious!

Thankfully our food arrives not ten minutes later. Also, our neighbors’ has as well. Maybe the frequency and volume with which they’re talkin’ will both drop as they find other things to do with their mouths. The plates all arrive steaming, the smells of those salty shrimp, oyster, white rice, crab and sweet sausage make this long dream a reality. The warmth of the seafood gumbo both in temperature and spice erase any feeling of dreary cold left in me from a day outside. The blackened chicken comes with a butter dish—you don’t need it. The chicken is juicy and tender, seasoned with what I can only assume is some thyme, paprika and cayenne pepper among other things.


Normally, all plates would be polished clean, but it’s not so, tonight. The helpings given to us simply out-manned our stomachs, even with the big appetites as back-up. We are forced to call on the to-go box. Having packed it up, checks paid and signed, we figure it’s time we get on the road. We wave to the boisterous foursome as we walk out. I inhale the smells of that sweet seafood one last time before the cold air can flood my nostrils. I’m good now.


Where -  Pearland [1300 E. Broadway.] (View Map) Webster [20760 Gulf Freeway] (View Map) or if for some reason you’re in Beaumont [20760 Gulf Freeway] (View Map)
What – Seafood with Cajun zing, Texas style food you can pretty much find anywhere nearby—we’re in Texas
Wear – No shoes. No shirt. No service. No, I made that up. It’s Cajun. Maybe clothing etiquette is optional.
How Much – $10.00 to $24.00 for Entrees
Hours – Sunday through Thursday 11:00AM to 10:00PM and Friday and Saturday 11:00AM to 11:00PM

— Richard


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