October 4th, 2010

Fox Hollow: Retro to Refurbished Where Washington Joins the Heights

In 6 Words: Locavore, Organic, Lounge, Eco-concious Construction, Gastro, (Insert-latest-trend-here)

Since I’m a recent transplant to the loop, when I cross Washington Ave and turn onto Nett Street, where Fox Hollow is located, I have to ward off a mini panic attack that I’ve gone to the wrong place. Shit they gave me the zip code for a reason—why didn’t I think to put it in my GPS. But a trip around the block and I realize my destination is the refurbished warehouse with the Fox Hollow VIP sign out front. Of course. I’ve always been observant.

I park (at some point will I learn that its really not necessary to pay for parking on a Wednesday night?) and make my way inside a very quiet looking building. I am immediately greeted by a waitress in enormous glasses (I want them) and a plaid skirt (I had enough of that in Catholic School, thank you very much). I will later learn that staff members must wear either plaid or paisley during every shift as part of the vintage/retro Fox Hollow experience. I try unsuccessfully not to let the two patterns send me back the lower points of my teen years—school uniforms and the Vera Bradley craze.

I order a Capriosca—seasonal fruit, soda water, and vodka – and enjoy sipping strawberries from the bottom while beginning to mingle. I quickly discover that this soft opening is actually a mixer for Houston bloggers. “Hi Loop Scoop followers, I’m Meghan. I moved here six weeks ago, and this is my first article.”—I begin wondering if maybe this is supposed to be part of our crashers series…

Below the glowing pink lanterns that illuminate the bar area, I make nice with fellow Houstonian bloggers while some “light fair” circulates. Hummus on pita chips, roast-duck Paninis, and tomato-basil-mozzarella skewers are a few of the featured items. After passing on the Caesar salad croutons (parmesan chips with lettuce on top) because they look a bit tricky to eat, I decide to see what else the mixologists have to offer. I try the house mojito and receive a pint glass generously adorned with mint leaves; it proves relatively easy to sip on while I stroll about the rest of the interior.

Green booths and low tables distinguish the lounge area from the bar. I imagine the atmosphere will be private and low key on busy Saturday nights. Storage space for wine glasses below the heavy wood tabletops is a nice touch. Housing unknown and hard-to-find bottles, Fox Hollow hopes the wine collection will be a major part of its appeal. At the far end of the lounge what looks like an old standing piano turns out to be a DJ booth. So much for low-key, this sneaky piece of furniture now has me expecting that Fox Hollow will be sponsoring a fair share of dance parties. However, the gastro lounge will have to start mixing its drinks a bit stronger if I’m to be caught fist-pumping in the Washington corridor anytime soon.

On my way to the porch, I discover the highly anticipated antique Parisian doors.They are admittedly disappointing. I never would have distinguished them from materials recycled from the build site, but I suppose this only speaks to the quality of recycled embellishments beautifying Fox Hollow. The deck, which faces the relatively quiet Nett St., is just cozy enough to persuade socialites that in hot Houston, outdoor space is a protected natural resource reserved for smokers only.

Before leaving, I take the opportunity to learn a bit more about the Fox Hollow vision. It is a gastro lounge—meaning it serves food but beverages are the heroes of the day – and intends to cater primarily to women. Thus the décor is feminine, the wine collection substantial, and the staff sports a quirky, if mandatory, 1960’s
style. Green is the secondary theme with all organic, locally-sourced ingredients for a menu of light, no-dinner-necessary noshes.

I should have known a place boasting Parisian French doors would be geared toward women; all it’s missing are a few of the Audrey Hepburn images I have adorning my apartment. It seems the Loop Scoop continues its barrage of sexist assignments (you don’t know this but I was supposed to “crash” the Reliant Stadium parking lot last week. Apparently having two x chromosomes means I don’t belong at a football tailgate). Because I am a young single female, I was sent to Fox Hollow, not for our crashers series, but to soak in all the sophisticated ambiance of a bar aspiring to be the “it” destination for girls-night-out.

Rather than deteriorate into an angry rant about gender discrimination and the evils of stereotypes, I’ll just be honest. Fist-pumping or not I’ll be bringing a few friends back for the grand opening next Wednesday, October 6. This place is sure to be one foxy Fox Hollow.



Where – 4617 Nett Street (View Map)
When – Tuesday – Saturday ( 4:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m), Friday/Saturday (4:30 p.m. – 1:00 a.m), Grand Opening Oct. 6
What – feminine finest: boutique wines, cocktails, light faire
Wear – your finest $30,000 millionaire threads
How much – menu wasn’t finalized

— Meghan


alanis — Monday, October 4, 2010 4:46 pm

wait a minute – this isn’t a article about my favorite actress megan fox!

evgenefremov — Tuesday, October 5, 2010 2:31 am

I would like to exchange links with your site theloopscoop.com
Is this possible?

tramanh phi — Tuesday, October 5, 2010 10:33 am

Hi Meghan! It was nice meeting you last week! LOL at “tricky to eat.” =)

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