September 27th, 2011

Free Parking: Cherryhurst Park

Some of the best parks around town are the ones that are hidden or that you consistently ignore because you’ve got bigger and better things on your plate. Cherryhurst Park is one such greenspace that is nestled in Montrose getting a lack of due. But, then again, maybe that’s a good thing.


How many times have you failed to find parking at Anvil and had to roll down the street looking for a suitable curb? Probably as often as I. On most of those days I find myself pulling up to Cherryhurst park’s boundaries (as long as it is not during the designated towing times) for a spot. That was all it was good for until I needed to find a free tennis court recently.


In the back of my mind, I remembered that Cherryhurst had a tennis court. Sure, it’s netting is actually a chainlink fence and the concrete is zig-zagged with cracks, but it’s not like I’m a budding Agassi. On top of that, there’s a large wall situated up against the major fencing if your tennis partner is non-existent. These are good things for us adult-folk, but what about the kiddos?


The green area isn’t expansive, but it’s large enough to run those little tots ragged. Plus, there’s a good-sized playground for climbing, swinging and sliding. All of the simple pleasures of childhood are accounted for within the block (at biggest) park.


The lights stay on rather late within the park. In fact, the tennis court is lit until 10:00PM (if I remember correctly). Remember you’re situated in the middle of a neighborhood. Be polite to the residents. Lest one day you earn enough money to buy one of the bungalows that surround the park and you’re terrorized by volleying hooligans and rampant children.


There’s no wrong way. It’s just two blocks from both Westheimer and Fairview and Dunlavy. Pretend like you’re going to Anvil and go a little too far.

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— Paul


Grace — Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:29 am

I used to live in the neighborhood up until June. I LOVE Cherryhurst. I always felt safe walking my dog around even as late as 9:30 at night. The only major problem I have with the park and the neighboring streets are the horrible sidewalks. Because the streets are so old and the trees have gotten so big, many of the sidewalks have been uplifted by the roots and or just regular wear and tear. I’ve been a victim of these uneven sidewalks – while walking my dog I tripped and banged up my knees really bad. While a good park to play tennis, bring your kids or play with your dog, I would avoid running around the perimeter of the park. Your knees will thank you for it.

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