June 8th, 2011

Free Press Summer Fest 2011: A Sunday Photo Essay

You didn’t think that we’d only publish a photo essay of Saturday’s bands, did you? You’ve been around long enough to know that we sacrifice timeliness for thorough-ity. We invite you to continue to relive the moments of Summer Fest along with us. In this photo essay you’ll capture a glimpse at all the bands we had the pleasure of seeing on day two of the festival.



Robert Ellis

I was tagged in a facebook photo while taking shots of Ellis. The caption reads: “Robert Ellis can play the hell out of a country song.” I can’t disagree. By the way, that’s a Houston Oilers belt buckle holding up Robert’s jeans [up-sized photo here]. Fantastic.


Hayes Carll

“A accordion player and flutist play a New Year’s Eve show at the bar. The manager comes up to them and asks, ‘you guys were great, can I book you for next year?’ The band members reply, ‘can we leave our gear here until then?’” – Joke told by Carll during his set.


The Handshake

As they closed out their set, The Handshake stopped for a moment to mention that one member was missing his high school graduation to play Free Press Summer Fest. Stupid, talented, young bastards…


Eastern Sea

I’ve heard of “chin music” before, but this bassist is taking things literally.


Fresh Millions

We had a bit of a twitter-flirtation with Fresh Millions before the weekend. We made good on our promise to stop by for their dance-tastic set.







Taking on the brunt of the heat, Yeasayer did their best to blaze through their own set. They set the stage for the rest of the day, honestly. From here on through the rest of Sunday, no ear would be disappointed.





I hadn’t really listened to Chromeo before Summer Fest. There will be plenty of time to make up for that injustice after the show they put on for Houston.


Neon Indian


Neon Indian

For the record, my mom chose this as one of her favorite photos. Yes, I have my mother do photo approvals/edits for me. Don’t judge me for that. I won’t judge Neon Indian for bouncing around the stage, impossible to keep in the frame of my camera. Go to the flickr set to see what I mean.


Amplified Heat

I caught only a few songs of Amplified Heat before boogieing down to the Main Stage. The first one perforated my ear drum. Damn loud. Damn good.


Cut Copy


Cut Copy


Cut Copy

You would have thought that the band from Australia would be used to the heat. Even though Cut Copy caught the last hour of sun that “blessed” Summer Fest, they were still caught off guard. Kind of like how their show caught me off guard. Next year I’ll do a better job preparing for the bands, because this year I was surprised so many times by acts that I hadn’t given the time of day to before. Shame on me.

Check out the rest of our Day Two photos on Flickr. There were too many to publish.

[All photos by Paul taken at Free Press Summer Fest 2011]

What?! No WEEZER?! Oh, there will be Weezer, my friends.

— Paul


mareurrutia — Wednesday, June 8, 2011 3:33 pm

Your photo essay was superbly “written”! Loved the pics. Will treasure the memories for a loooooong time.

Sal — Wednesday, June 8, 2011 7:02 pm

Great Pics, Paul.

Tina — Thursday, June 9, 2011 12:29 pm

The Yeasayer and Neon Indian pics are my favorite. Great job!

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