June 2nd, 2011

Free Press Summer Fest: A Guide to Sunday

Much like Jordan before me ["A Guide to Saturday"] , my musical tastes span the board. “No genre unheard” is my motto. Unfortunately, that leads to quite a few problems when it comes to organizing my Sunday schedule. If only I were a diehard death metal fan. Life would be much easier.

What I’m about to recommend to you must be taken for a grain of salt. There will be good intentions to wake up early on Sunday to hit up some early shows. Those plans may be laid waste by the number of alcoholic beverages consumed, severity of sunburn and/or any of the other pitfalls of Saturday.

Sunday’s obvious draw is Weezer, but there’s so much more to be excited about. We all need our dosage of the “blue album” to hold us over, that’s true. There are too many lesser-knowns and mid-major bands to ignore. Let’s see what we have in store:

Warehouse Live Stage | 11:05AM

A perfect Houston band to get the crowd revved up, Featherface (pictured at Walter’s) has the early shift. They’re loud, but surprisingly polished for such a young crew. Cue the eerie melancholy. Cue the noise. It’s time to wake up.

Main Stage | 12:35PM
Robert Ellis

Because I never made it to a “Whiskey Wednesday” I better take Sunday’s opportunity to catch Robert Ellis. Not only that, he’s the perfect lead-in for…

Main Stage | 1:30PM
Hayes Carll

A friend of mine used to play guitar in Hayes Carll’s band. Sometimes if I’m drunk enough I’ll give him a hard time for not being around for these, the Golden Years of Hayes. After being regarded as royalty on many a small town tour, Carll is getting a taste of the sweet national life and his southern-rock-slash-country couldn’t sound better, especially if you pay attention to the lyrics and the stories that are sure to go along with his set.

Rudyard’s Stage | 3:00PM
Fresh Millions

Fresh Millions out of Austin makes my shortlist of “must sees.” Within the first 30 seconds of “Forever” I’m infected with the urge to dance. You will be too. Live instruments on top of sampling will always make me happy and I have a feeling you’ll agree.

Main Stage | 3:45PM

Odd Blood didn’t touch me in my bathing suit area, but I sure wish it had. There’s something about the industrial machinations of Yeasayer that really get me going. Perhaps its the “don’t know what’s coming next” aspect of their orchestration. Their one of those odd ball bands that I can imagine really taking advantage of Summer Fest’s crowd and no holds barred attitude (read: Flaming Lips in 2010).

29-95 Stage | 3:55PM
The Memorials

If Yeasayer lets me down (and they won’t) I’ll be here. Formed after drumming prodigy, Thomas Pridgen broke up with The Mars Volta, The Memorials gravitate toward heavier side of rock. Really, I’m going to be in attendance on the off chance that they play their cover of “Black Hole Sun.”


Main Stage | 6:15PM

Budweiser Stage | 6:00PM
Neon Indian

Rudyard’s Stage | 6:00PM
Sideshow Tramps

You’re not going to be able to go wrong with any of these three. They cover the gambit. Neon Indian from Austin plays dance/electronica. Houstonians B L A C K I E are hard hitting hip-hop proteges. Sideshow Tramps play some of the best soulful funk I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing.

Night Owl Stage | 6:50PM
Amplified Heat

The last time Amplified Heat brought their throwback rock ‘n roll to Houston, I chose Wanda Jackson over them. Based on their musical style, these seem like the kind of dudes that would have made the same choice. But we should all (but mostly I should) make it up to the Austinites on Sunday. I’ll be right there along with Jim Ortiz’s croaking howl.

Main Stage | 8:30PM

Do I need to write anything about Weezer? Let’s not play this game of internet chicken. You’ve already made up your mind.

And with all that, I bid you adieu and good luck. There is no wrong way to experience Free Press Summer Fest. This will be my third year at the music festival and all its done is improve. By the way, it’ll be a live game of “Where’s Pauldo” out there on both days. I’ll be wearing one of The Loop Scoop’s signature shirts both days. If you have one, I invite you to do the same.

— Paul


Cameron — Friday, June 3, 2011 9:18 am

What about Cut Copy? I’m excited to see them. Main Stage – 7pm

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