June 9th, 2011

Free Press Summer Fest: A Weezer Photo Essay

When the festival headliner Weezer was announced some months back, many were left with “say it ain’t so” as a response. Whether that reaction (and notably weak cliche) was based on a fear that Summer Fest and its Eleanor Tinsley venue wouldn’t be able to handle the bumrush of ticket buyers or glee that one of your favorite bands from your formative years would be coming to town.


[Photo by Alexander]


[Photo by Paul]

The question “where do we go from here?” comes to mind. With Sunday’s performance by Weezer now in the books, we all get a chance to sit back and reflect at the years that came before and what might be in store. You can make the case that 2010’s second night headliner, Flaming Lips put on a better show than did Cuomo and crew, but 2011 was definitely more popular and certainly more of a sing-along.


[Photo by Paul]


[Photo by Alexander]

Trying to compare the two performances is difficult. They were both “can’t miss events” in their own right, but in completely different ways. The Flaming Lips have an unmatched live spectacle. Weezer’s spectacle was generated by a crowd of wouldbe lead singers trying to drown out Rivers.


[Photo by Paul]


[Photo by Alexander]

Therein lies the question. What will Free Press Summer Fest pull out of its bag of tricks for next year. Assuming that each year has been a step forward in showmanship and popularity, what band can be booked to keep the progression alive? What band won’t be too much for the banks of the bayou to handle? What band won’t cause the music snobs to say “Summer Fest was cool until they scheduled ________.”


[Photo by Alexander]


[Photo by Paul]

So that is my question to you, Loopsters. As we wind down our reminiscing of 2011, what do you look forward to most in 2012. Who is your perfect headliner? It’s going to be hard to outdo Weezer as a festival closer. That much is for certain, especially if you’ve read the glowing reviews.

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