June 11th, 2010

Friday Four Cents: Football “Tradition” and Speculative Tweeters

This is a new column we’re going to debut where we try to tackle the relevant (and not so relevant) issues of the day. Ranting and raving is a special talent of mine, similar to how others can yodel or flare their nostrils. Sometimes it just irritates the hell out of people. Sometimes I gain a few supporters for my cause. And sometimes it’s like a tree falling in the forest with no one around to hear it. Each week in the Friday Four Cents we’ll take two topics and give our two cents on them. This week, NCAA Conference Realignment and Technology.

NCAA Football Conference Realignment
When did College football become big business? We’ve all known it’s been “business” but when did it become tenacious, all-consuming, Enron-type business? It seems all that anyone can talk about these days is which conference is going to be the first at jumping to a super conference. We’ll find out later today (right now, in fact) if there is truth in the rumor that Nebraska is off to the Big Ten (and they will be).

For the record, I’ve never been a proponent of the BCS as it creates a division of the haves and have nots. As a culture, we love the underdogs. The BCS takes all the fight out of the pesky underdog and makes sure that only the big boys get to play with the trophy. I thought that college athletics were about sportsmanship and the development of the student athletes. Oops. Silly Rabbit, NCAA is for MONEY.

As a graduate of UH, I’ve seen the effects of the BCS firsthand. A school that consistently competed with the big boys relegated to altar boy status simply based on it’s conference affiliation. With UH as a model, Baylor is doing all it can to maintain it’s piece of the pie. To this end, the Texas Legislature is getting involved in the proposed realignment.

This is ludicrous on so many fronts, the first of those being that the Texas Legislature has far bigger issues on its hands. However, this is Texas and we’re talking about Football. I am honestly surprised that Texas hasn’t come up with a religion who’s holy day is Tuesday just so there isn’t even the hint of a possibility the service could get in the way of football if it ran long.

On another level, why state legislatures would look after a private, religious institution in Waco, TX before a state funded school in the fourth largest city in the country is beyond me. Way beyond me. The priorities in this state still baffle the hell out of me. Look, I love football and I would prefer to watch a football game than balance a budget any day of the week (and twice on Sundays), but I’m not an elected official! I can be irresponsible, because I’m not being paid to look after the concerns of my constituents. For those of you who are in the Texas State Legislature… I have one question. Is there really no more pressing matter to contend with? Alright. I guess not. But if that’s the case, then why support a private institution over a state funded University in this state’s flagship city? A university that contributes $3.126 Billion to the city of Houston. A university that is desperately striving for Tier One status, which would be a huge boon to the beleaguered reputation of higher education in this state. But I guess that would make more sense. Instead, let’s pump money into the hotbed of activity that is Waco. I’m sure that the Berkeley Alums will love traveling to Waco for away games.

That’s the other thing that gets me. I live in Texas, but I travel to California quite frequently. Guess what, I can’t stand it. It’s just not for me, and I’m more open minded than most people in this damn state. Granted, Austin would like to think they’re the Berkeley of the South… but for as weird as they are, they’re still Texans. Californians are an entirely different breed and unfortunately, their dancing partners don’t quite fit the bill. Can you see the cadets infiltrating UC Berkeley? Would they counter the Aggie Yell Leaders with Meditation gurus?

Does UT really think that they’re going to be able to bully the rest of the Pac 10 the way they’ve dominated the Big 12? They’ll still have the swagger, because, lets face it, they’re Texas, but I don’t think that those surfer boys out west are really going to swap rides and give them the keys to their Bentley when they rolled up in a dooley. Texas has become the girl that blossoms into a hottie over the summer and suddenly gets invited out all the time. Sure she can bring her friends along, but nobody’s going to talk to them. And while Oklahoma is equally as hot, she’s kinda trashy, so nobody takes her seriously because she’s always dragging her pesky little sister around.

Why UT would give up its seat of power in the Big 12 is beyond me. As far as football goes, I think the Big 12 was second only to the SEC. Both the Big 10 and Pac 10 have the history, but they’re fading fast. By aligning yourself with them, your hitching your wagons to them, not the other way around. Mark my words, the Pac 10 will continue to hold together and the little six will be forced to go along with their decisions.

To go along with my previous rant.. I can’t believe the instantaneous nature of information these days. With the internet and something called twitter, people know the news before it’s even announced. Wait till the news at 6? I don’t think so. I just got a tweet. UGH! Tweeters are twits! In the case of the football realignment, people are tweeting rumors left and right, without any sort of supporting evidence. I heard this… He heard that. Why not wait till it’s confirmed and then break the story like a real reporter would.

That’s someone who thinks he got something to say… what about all these people who do nothing but pound away on their keyboards? Have we gotten to the point in society where people are that self important that they think I want to know exactly what they are thinking or doing or not doing? Guess what. I live by the assumption that most people have a modicum of intelligence. Well… we all know what happens when we assume something, right? Ass…u…me. The best thing about twitter is that people consistently prove how asinine and ignorant they are in just 140 characters. I don’t have to guess, I can see it write in front of me.

— Marc


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