July 16th, 2010

Friday’s Four Cents: Burgers Galore

Happy Birthday to me. Okay, you got me… it really isn’t my birthday but I felt like I got a present when I discovered that they will be opening a Five Guys joint only 683 feet from my doorstep. The burger chain, which has a few locations around Houston, is opening it’s doors in the shopping center on Washington, located between Leverkuhn and Waugh, that has become home to with BW3’s and Berripop. While there’s only a sign in the window that says Five Guys is coming, if you look it up in google earth, you’ll see there’s already a line forming. Okay, so maybe it’s only a line of one and that one is just me waiting outside the door, living on wings and frozen yogurt. That counts, right?


As you can tell by my excitement, one thing that I share with my fellow Loopsters is a love of burgers. As we’ve pointed out before, there a ton of different styles for many different tastes and moods. I’m not going to try to sell you a bill of goods and act like Five Guys is the best burger ever. I will say that it rivals In-N-Out for a quality fast food burger (I give the edge to In-N-Out, but maybe that’s just because I can only get them on the West coast). I’ll also say that it’s a good enough burger that when I’ve gotten a craving, I’ve driven out to Gessner, the closest location.

If you haven’t had a Five Guys burger, give them a try when they open their doors and let me know what you think. Of course, you’ll have to get in line behind me. I bet the people behind The Counter, the other burger place that’s just a sign in the window, are wishing they had gotten up and running sooner.


As I was trying to find some info about burgers, I came across this list. It looks like congratulations are in order for Houston’s own Little Bigs, who was named to Bon Apetit’s list of top 10 new burger places. While I love that one of Houston’s own was recognized, I have a bit of a problem. First and foremost, Little Bigs doesn’t serve sliders. Here’s proof. Secondly, even though they swear the mini hamburgers are the same as the ones served at Reef, I’m not convinced. Most importantly, they are not the best burger in Houston; even if we include mini burgers in that discussion. For my money, that honor goes to the Rancor at Petrol Station.  Yes, I realize that they might not meet the “new” criteria suggested by the title of the list in question, but I can’t worry about such details when I’m railing about injustices.  There just isn’t the time.  For my money, a burger that I actually dream about in my sleep and that makes me salivate at the mere mention of it… now that deserves a place on any top 10 list.

— Marc


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