November 5th, 2010

Friday’s Four Cents – Vote for What?

Psst… I want to tell you a secret.  This Tuesday was election day, and I didn’t vote.  Yes, I realize that makes me a bad American and probably means I’m a bad person, but  I just don’t see the point.  I mean, really, is there that much of a difference between Politician A or Politician B?  I’m not really sold that there is.

Remember when politicians were good people who worked for the good of others?  Okay, I don’t either, but was it always this bad?  These days, Politicians are so out of touch with the common man, and it’s really not hard to see why.  When these men and women make more money in a year as career politicians than most of their constituents, it’s no wonder that they lose sight of what regular citizens value.  Unfortunately, those that are in tune with what’s really needed could never raise the funds to compete against career politicians, with their campaign favors and big money connections.

I’m not saying that you or I are any better than politicians.  I’m sure if you stick Joe Blow in Washington, he’ll get corrupted by the machine and come back home with rug burns on his knees and smelling like cigar smoke and hookers.  The point is that by seeking public office, politicians enter into a contract with their constituents to progress the interests of all the people they represent and not just a chosen few.  This responsibility should be understood when they are sworn in.  As a politician, you aren’t any better than the common man, but you should comport yourself with dignity out of respect for the constituents your represent.  I think that’s been lost in this day and age.  Politicians see people as suckers that they need to con in order to get elected so they can continue to promote their own agendas and interests.  It’s a shame that we’ve gotten to this point because the ideals that this country was founded on were noble and good.  I guess they still are, but they’ve been bastardized to the point that our forefathers wouldn’t recognize.

The worst part about election time is that you can’t flick through the channels without landing on a political commercial.  It’s astounding to me that our generally polite society accepts the vitriol that politicians sling back and forth.  The one thing that the smear tactics have accomplished is to convince me that we’re not electing the best person for the job, but looking for the lesser of two evils, and that’s not something that I’m comfortable with.  I’d rather be a no good, dirty non-voter than align myself with a politician who’s the lesser of two evils.

I’m not saying that I’m any better than the people who voted.  I’m probably worse and I’ll own that.  In the end, I just couldn’t bring myself to cast a ballot that would allow the machine to keep running.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until SKYNET takes over and then join the revolution with John Connor.

— Marc


Your Pal — Friday, November 5, 2010 4:52 pm

There’s always the Libertarian vote….

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