September 16th, 2011

Gremillion & Co.: Gary Komarin’s The Vicar’s Wife (In Green and Grey)

Finally, a Saturday that was less than 100 degrees. I woke up early to view the Gary Komarin exhibition at Gremillion & Co. I was eager to see the array of colors the artist uses and his brushstroke technique.


That She Had Wanted – Gary Komarin

My first impression as I walk around the gallery is, “Wow!” The work is very well done. I particularly love the pieces on paper, very raw but direct. It is really hard to pigeon hole Komarin’s style. I would have to say he is a combination of painters all tied up into one. I see DeKooning meets Basquiat. My favorite piece was the very large “Harold & Stanley” I have to give it 5 stars easy. There is an innocence and sincerity in this piece that’s timeless. Komarin’s abstraction seems more Californian than New York. As I stroll around the space, I come to the “Stacked Cake” piece dripping with green acrylic representing icing. Framed beautifully, it’s very delightful and had me reflecting on previous celebrations and memories of eating cake.


Stacked Cake – Gary Komarin

Komarin uses the idea of Reflection to connect with his audience and he does it very well. He has a very elegant style, very clean when meshing his colors. The way he draws with paint is very Child like. Komarin has done the hardest thing to do in Art, stay raw and untainted. If you get a chance stop by and take a peek, it’s a great exhibition. The show is on view till October 8, 2011. Or visit the website at or call them directly at 713-522-2701.

Submitted by Jesse Kantu

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