June 8th, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #1 Hubcap Grill vs. #8 RDG + Bar Annie

Welcome to our H-Town Showdown series. Our brackets are seeded and the contenders for the title are ready to go. On a bi-weekly basis we’ll present a new match-up. There will be four weeks of voting for each competition in each round. So rally up your friends, followers and fans. This will be a true test of attrition.

This week’s match-up might seem a little lopsided to those of you who have grown up on Houston’s fine dining. The burger place is the #1 ranked and the steely vet is ranked #8. That’s right, Hubcap Grill got far and away more votes than did RDG + Bar Annie when we had our initial voting a few months ago. How will it work out this time?


Seed #1: Hubcap Grill
Houston doesn’t want for a good burger. There are more than a few places in this city to grab a decent burger, but at the top of the list has to be Hubcap Grill. Whether you want a classic burger with cheese or are a more adventurous type with an affinity for the Sticky Burger (crunch peanut butter and bacon… mmmmmmm), Ricky has you covered behind the counter. The location in downtown has thrived thus far and the newest installments of the brand – the burger truck and beer garden coming soon to the Heights – make Hubcap’s finest even more accessible than ever. Look, I made it five sentences without mentioning the Cheesy Cheetos Burger. That’s a record. It’s also my favorite pick off the menu. Cheetos. Cheez Whiz. Heaven. Challenge your perceptions of Houston’s burger spots and try one today. If you have, we don’t doubt what your vote will be below.


Seed #8: RDG + Bar Annie
A lot of the younger guns about town have been getting more press lately, but let’s not forget about those that have already gone through wood-fire stoves and back to cement their reputation. Robert Del Grande is one of the cream of the crop when it comes to Houston culinary scene and you’re voting up RDG as the #1 contender only goes further to prove that point. The newest incarnation of Cafe Annie has been open for around a year and a half and hasn’t missed a beat. Whether it’s the fresh canned smoked oysters that tickle your fancy or any of the wood grilled main courses (King Salmon, Red Fish, Squab, Rabbit or your cut of beef) that really get you salivating, RDG is the place for you. Finding a restaurant that will always be sure to impress isn’t so hard when you know what name to look for in the kitchen.

Voting Closes June 29th at Noon
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Voting Still Open:
#1 Saint Arnold Pub Crawl vs. #8 Menil Collection
#3 Houston Transit vs. #6 Houston Sports

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