September 22nd, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #1 Riding Out a Hurricane vs. #3 Houston Transit

Now that the first round of the H-Town Showdown is officially over, things get a bit more interesting. Those that made it, did so because of their strong followings. Sides had to be chosen. Rifts were created. The coming decisions will only get more difficult.

There isn’t a more secure favorite than our #1 in the “Great Unknown” section. Riding Out a Hurricane ravaged its first challenger, Antiquing in Montrose/The Heights and it’s looking to make mince meat of the second round. That’s where Houston Transit is poised to slow down this runaway. It took on and took down Houston Sports Teams in the first round. Transit thinks it can put a kink in the plans (as it so often does).

Seed #1: Riding Out a Hurricane
Living on the third coast brings it’s own brand of worries. Most specifically, we have to keep an eye on any eyes developing in the Gulf of Mexico. When they do, what do you do? Run to the highlands scared? Hellz no. You bunker down, fill the bathtub with water, stock up on beer supplies and get ready to duke it out with nature’s best. Ike, the last storm to roll through Houston, brought the city to a grinding halt. Curfews, power outages, lack of rations… it was Marshal Law and the Marshal’s name was Ike. You know what? We loved every minute of it. Even with all the demolition going on around town, we showed our resilience and had a week-long hurrication to prove we could make it.


Seed #3: Houston Transit
When you come to Houston, a transplant from another hometown, what’s the first thing you notice? The roads. The mega-highways. The cat-and-mouse chase of the daily commute. It’s inescapable… Literally so. “Mass transit” doesn’t exist. We wouldn’t have it any other way. The road systems in Houston are overwhelming and fearsome. We know people that are scared to visit us from the great outer space JUST BECAUSE they’re scared of the roads. Houstonians take pride in such fetes as conquering rush hour, straddling the massive pothole-turned-sinkhole or just something as simple as knowing how to get from 228 to 290 quickest. For as much as we as a populace say we hate them, they’re intertwined into our Houston-loving experience and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Voting closes on October 6th at 5:00PM

— The Loop Scoop


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