October 4th, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #2 Anvil Bar & Refuge vs. #1 Pearland Coffee Roasters

And we let the third round officially begin. There are only eight remaining competitors. These are the finals for each of our remaining categories. Who will come out on top in each quarter of the original brackets: EAT, DRINK, EXPERIENCE and ?????. These are lofty questions for so meek of a website.

Pearland Coffee Roasters has made quick work of its two opening rounds thanks in part to its rabid online fan base. Anvil Bar & Refuge has proved a mighty force through two rounds as well. What will happen when titans clash? Something, something, release the Kraken!!!

Seed #2: Anvil Bar & Refuge
A perfectly crafted cocktail is often very difficult to find, especially in Houston. Sure, the bartender can get you a jack and coke (screw that up, I dare you) or a buttery nipple, but try ordering a dark and stormy at Chili’s. Yeah, that’s a blank stare. That all changed when Anvil opened its doors. While Friday and Saturday nights tend toward the ridiculously crowded, sidle up to the bar on a weekday evening and you’ll be amazed at the spirits before you. Whether it’s classic cocktails or a specially concocted elixir from the master bartenders at Anvil, the drinks are all hand crafted with an eye toward fresh, quality ingredients and top notch alcohol. Which makes Anvil top shelf in my book… and yes, I threw that cheesy line out there.

Seed #1: Pearland Coffee Roasters
Pearland Coffee Roasters has been around for just over a year and half. If you haven’t been—I’m sorry. They’re roasting fair-trade coffee beans, brewing delicious beverages, and putting the burbs on the map for more than a place of chain establishments. From those inside the loop, to Pearlanders that call themselves regulars, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone with an unkind word towards this thriving local shop. In fact, they’ve become so popular they’ve had to move into a larger space as of May, this year. While we haven’t hit the new digs just yet, it won’t be long before we do.

Voting ends on October 18th at 5:00PM

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Kim — Wednesday, October 5, 2011 12:06 pm

Love Pearland Coffee Roasters GREAT OWNERS and GREAT coffee

Melissa moore — Wednesday, October 12, 2011 4:08 pm

Pearland Roasters Rocks!

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