February 2nd, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #2 Art Car Parade vs. #7 Lights in the Heights

Welcome to our H-Town Showdown series. Our brackets are seeded and the contenders for the title are ready to go. Each Wednesday we’ll present another match-up. There will be four weeks of voting for each competition in each round. So rally up your friends, followers and fans. This will be a true test of attrition.

This week we pit the number two seed Art Car Parade against the number seven Lights in the Heights from the EXPERIENCE category.


Seed #2: Orange Show’s Art Car Parade
Often imitated, never duplicated; the Art Car Parade is one of the first things that you hear about when you come to Houston. The zaniness of the event can’t be understated. What would you least expect to be transformed into a vehicle. The Art Car Parade has that and even more off-the-wall concoctions of creativity and utility. From a Radio Flyers to station wagons with a bunch of plastic produce glued to them, you’re missing a lot if you’re not going.


Seed #7: Lights in the Heights
It’s not the holidays without the houses getting dressed up in their best and brightest decorations. One of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods takes it a bit further. It’s not the holidays without closing down the streets, breaking out the flasks and walking around with your fellow Houstonians taking in Lights in the Heights. There are carolers, cover bands and rockers to be heard. Ginormous inflatable Frostys to be seen. And don’t forget the horse droppings to almost step in. Ah, the Heights has it all, especially on this particular night.

The Final Jabs
- Decor for both events can be equally as ridiculous. A giant mouth rolling down the street or a house made up to look like Rudolph. It’s your pick.
- There will be a day when Lights in the Heights devolves into a live version of Deck the Halls. Who doesn’t want to see that.
- Art Car Parade had Dan Akroyd as its master of ceremonies this year. I rest my case.
- Who wants to watch a parade when you can be the parade at Lights in the Heights?
- Both have lasting power. Some people don’t take their lights down until Easter and I know we’ve all seen art cars flashing about town during all months of the year.

Voting remains open for four weeks.

— The Loop Scoop


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