July 13th, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #2 El Tiempo Cantina vs. #7 Tiny Boxwoods

Welcome to our H-Town Showdown series. Our brackets are seeded and the contenders for the title are ready to go. On a bi-weekly basis we’ll present a new match-up. There will be four weeks of voting for each competition in each round. So rally up your friends, followers and fans. This will be a true test of attrition.

The final pairing of the first round is here. With the heavyweight El Tiempo Cantina facing off against the underseeded Tiny Boxwoods, this will be a firecracker of a competition. We don’t know who you’ll be voting for, but there will be nary a wrong answer this afternoon.

Have at it:


Seed #2: El Tiempo Cantina
The Laurenzo family’s three El Tiempo Cantina locations give patrons a trifecta of down-home, Metro-Mex goodness. To make it in this business, you have to nail down three aspects of the grub: fajitas, queso and margaritas. The rest, whether you’re a corporate behemoth or a hole-in-the-wall dive joint, tends to fall into place naturally. El Tiempo knocks all three prerequisites way out of the park. Chunks of tender fajita meat that come out hissing every time and queso that actually tastes like cheese (it’s the summer of George!) are washed down by no better margarita.


Seed #7: Tiny Boxwoods
There are probably more unlikely places to find a great dinner, but betting on a landscape architecture front and plan nursery wouldn’t be a bad idea. Inside the walls of Thompson & Hanson is where you’ll find Tiny Boxwoods serving up everything from breakfast to dinner with the obligatory Sunday brunch. It’s a place for all occasions. Whether you want to impress someone with a surprisingly fancy dinner or want to hobknob with the rest of the River Oaks moms during lunch, it’s a perfect spot. And let’s not forget the benefits about being inside Thompson & Hanson–Tiny Boxwoods has one of our favorite dining patios in town.

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Poll closes on July 20th at Noon

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paulbtucker — Wednesday, July 13, 2011 7:09 pm

They are both terribly overrated, but my vote goes to Boxwoods. Last time I was at El Tiempo they carried three cheeses: mozzarella, swiss, and cheddar.

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