February 9th, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #4 Beaver’s Ice House vs. #5 Zelko Bistro

Welcome to “The Original” H-Town Showdown series. Our brackets are seeded and the contenders for the title are ready to go. Each Wednesday we’ll present another match-up. There will be four weeks of voting for each competition in each round. So rally up your friends, followers and fans. This will be a true test of attrition.

Honestly, I think this week’s showdown between #4 Beaver’s Ice House and #5 Zelko Bistro from the EAT category is the granddaddy of the first round. Two heavyweights seeded lower than we would have expected will duke it out. We can’t wait to see what happens.


Seed #4: Beaver’s Ice House
This little gem off the Washington strip started up with a playful nudge from Monica Pope and took off with Jonathon Jones at the helm. It’s an exercise in excess. From spam breakfast sandwiches to a massive barbecue platter that two people can take down only if they’ve trained for weeks ahead of time. They call it “dam good food,” but don’t forget the drinks. Everybody’s cocktail-idol, Bobby Heugel was making a splash here before starting Anvil.


Seed #4: Zelko Bistro
When I think of the Heights, I think of the little bungalows that line half-streets. What better way than transforming one of those icons of the neighborhood into the new must-go restaurant? That’s exactly what Jamie Zelko and Jeb Stuart did with their bistro. The atmosphere is relaxed. The food is tremendous. It truly feels like it’s part of the neighborhood. Zelko Bistro can be your everyday eatery or the place you save for a special occasion. Versatile and delicious.

The Final Jabs
- You better hope that Beaver’s doesn’t start printing their nutritional info on the menu. That mac n’ cheese is good, but you don’t want to know how many calories it has.
- Zelko is closed on Mondays. Boo. Beaver’s just started up a speakeasy night on Mondays. Point Beaver’s.
- Zelko has it’s own garden for produce. Good.
- Beaver’s frowns on vegetables (not totally). Gooder.
- Both have brunch, but are you a chicken and waffles person or more into massive spam sandwiches topped with fried eggs?
- Zelko printed out our article on them and hung it by the bathroom. If they don’t win for this fact alone, we’ll be beside ourselves.

Voting closes on April 2nd, 2011.

Voting still open for:
#2 Art Car Parade vs. #7 Lights in the Heights

#1 Pearland Coffee Roasters vs. #8 Shoeshine Charlie’s Big Top

— Paul


Lundy — Friday, February 11, 2011 6:50 pm

Go Zelko!!

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