September 13th, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #4 Rudyard’s British Pub vs. #2 Anvil Bar & Refuge

Now that the first round of the H-Town Showdown is officially over, things get a bit more interesting. Those that made it, did so because of their strong followings. Sides had to be chosen. Rifts were created. The coming decisions will only get more difficult.

In the second batch of matches, a weathered pub in Montrose tests modern cocktail aficionados—it’s Rudyard’s British Pub going mug to tumbler with Anvil Bar & Refuge. Combined, they had to slug it out with Catalina Coffee and Kenneally’s just to get here. Tough call. Who’ve ya got?


Seed #4: Rudyard’s British Pub
Bars that can turn into decent music venues in a split second are increasingly difficult to come by in Houston. Playing host to Houston’s indie music scene isn’t all that Rudyard’s is good for. They’ve opened up a new corner for darts, shuffleboard and billiards (ok, fine, pool… but it’s a British pub and I thought I would stay in character for a little while longer). Let’s not forget the outstanding bathrooms with some of the greatest pisser poetry that we’ve ever seen—bring your own sharpie or paint pen. Rudyard’s also goes the extra mile with craft beer selection and even offers beer dinners once a month for food/brew pairings. They have a little of something for everyone in their special corner in Montrose. You can tell right away when you walk in because there’s a cross-section of every Houston demographic hanging out among the beer stained tables and dark wood panelling.


Seed #2: Anvil Bar & Refuge
A perfectly crafted cocktail is often very difficult to find, especially in Houston. Sure, the bartender can get you a jack and coke (screw that up, I dare you) or a buttery nipple, but try ordering a dark and stormy at Chili’s. Yeah, that’s a blank stare. That all changed when Anvil opened its doors. While Friday and Saturday nights tend toward the ridiculously crowded, sidle up to the bar on a weekday evening and you’ll be amazed at the spirits before you. Whether it’s classic cocktails or a specially concocted elixir from the master bartenders at Anvil, the drinks are all hand crafted with an eye toward fresh, quality ingredients and top notch alcohol. Which makes Anvil top shelf in my book… and yes, I threw that cheesy line out there.

Poll closes on September 27th at 5:00PM

— The Loop Scoop


Feldman — Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:06 am

That’s a horrible pair to put up against each other as each one does very different things. I refuse to participate.

Paul — Wednesday, September 14, 2011 11:55 am

Somebody doesn’t like tough choices. For shame.

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