October 21st, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #4 The Food Truck Fad vs. #1 Riding Out a Hurricane

And we let the third round officially begin. There are only eight remaining competitors. These are the finals for each of our remaining categories. Who will come out on top in each quarter of the original brackets: EAT, DRINK, EXPERIENCE and ?????. These are lofty questions for so meek of a website.

#1 Riding Out a Hurricane is turning out to be the behemoth we imagined when we put this bracket together. It’s made easy work of its first and second round opponents, Antiquing and Houston Transit. On the other hand, #4 The Food Truck Fad has been in two close contests. It beat out the Houston Music Scene and then Townes van Zandt. That surprises us because, well, it’s a fad.


Seed #4: The Houston Food Truck Fad
We know that just because The Loop Scoop hasn’t even hit its “Terrible Twos” yet that just because something is happening in Houston now doesn’t mean it wasn’t happening before we were birthed by the interspheres. But let’s all recognize that outside of the taco trucks of yester-year, the food truck craze that has struck the Bayou City is a new fad and a delicious one at that. More magnetic than any restaurant front we can think of, a food truck sitting out front of a favorite watering hole calls to us like a alpenhorn. Houston has given its streets up to the likes of Zilla Street Eats , H-Town StrEATS, Ashka’s East Meets West, Good Dog Hot Dog, Hubcap Grill, Melange Creperie, The Rolling Thunder, 3 Cajun Pigs, Eatsie Boys, Bernie’s Burger Bus… Honestly, we can’t go on. We’ve tried to keep track via a twitter list and even that’s difficult to use because on any given night we could see ourselves waiting patiently at the side of the truck to be served our dinner in a cardboard boat. And, look, we haven’t even delved into the established taco truck scene… Our bellies are full just thinking about all of it.

Seed #1: Riding Out a Hurricane
Living on the third coast brings it’s own brand of worries. Most specifically, we have to keep an eye on any eyes developing in the Gulf of Mexico. When they do, what do you do? Run to the highlands scared? Hellz no. You bunker down, fill the bathtub with water, stock up on beer supplies and get ready to duke it out with nature’s best. Ike, the last storm to roll through Houston, brought the city to a grinding halt. Curfews, power outages, lack of rations… it was Marshal Law and the Marshal’s name was Ike. You know what? We loved every minute of it. Even with all the demolition going on around town, we showed our resilience and had a week-long hurrication to prove we could make it.

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