September 20th, 2011

H-Town Showdown: #7 Lights in the Heights vs. #4 Rodeo Cook-Off

Now that the first round of the H-Town Showdown is officially over, things get a bit more interesting. Those that made it, did so because of their strong followings. Sides had to be chosen. Rifts were created. The coming decisions will only get more difficult.

Rodeo Cook-Off had a runaway victory in its first match-up against Blondes vs. Brunettes. Lights in the Heights, on the other hand, pulled off a stunner over one of the favorites, Art Car Parade. Can this underdog do it again? Will Cinderella make it further? Your vote matters.

Seed #7: Lights in the Heights
It’s not the holidays without the houses getting dressed up in their best and brightest decorations. One of Houston’s oldest neighborhoods takes it a bit further. It’s not the holidays without closing down the streets, breaking out the flasks and walking around with your fellow Houstonians taking in Lights in the Heights. There are carolers, cover bands and rockers to be heard. Ginormous inflatable Frostys to be seen. And don’t forget the horse droppings to almost step in. Ah, the Heights has it all, especially on this particular night.

Seed #4: Rodeo Cookoff
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cookoff is one of the quintessential events on the Houston social calendar. If you want to experience Houston, then you’ve got to check out the Rodeo Cookoff. Meat, music and alcohol, not to mention all the debauchery that goes along with that triumverate is almost enough to turn even the most hardened carnivores into a vegetarian for a day or two, but everyone always comes back for more, as long as they can get a pass to one of the tents. Wonka’s golden ticket doesn’t have anything on this pass to the premier bbq bonanza in the country.

Voting closes on October 4th at 5:00PM

— The Loop Scoop


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