January 4th, 2012

H-Town Showdown: Riding Out a Hurricane vs. Saint Arnold Pub Crawl

#1 in the “Great Unknown,” Riding Out a Hurricane is turning out to be the behemoth we imagined it would be, when we put this bracket together. It’s made easy work of its first, second, and third round opponents, AntiquingHouston Transit, and the Food Truck Fad.

The Saint Arnold Pub Crawls are also doing what they do so well—beating the competition. First it was the Menil Collection, then it was the Greek Festival that was felled.

It all comes down to this. Which of these number one seeds will face off in the title match-up. Only your votes can determine the victor.

Seed #1: Riding Out a Hurricane
Living on the third coast brings it’s own brand of worries. Most specifically, we have to keep an eye on any eyes developing in the Gulf of Mexico. When they do, what do you do? Run to the highlands scared? Hellz no. You bunker down, fill the bathtub with water, stock up on beer supplies and get ready to duke it out with nature’s best. Ike, the last storm to roll through Houston, brought the city to a grinding halt. Curfews, power outages, lack of rations… it was Marshal Law and the Marshal’s name was Ike. You know what? We loved every minute of it. Even with all the demolition going on around town, we showed our resilience and had a week-long hurrication to prove we could make it.

Seed #1: Saint Arnold Pub Crawl
When it comes to all things beer, there’s an overlord in town. That man is/was Saint Arnold. When the people behind the brewery call for the lovers of their suds to come out and enjoy a romp around the bars with them, Houstonians show up in throngs. Why wouldn’t they? A glass for the effort of drinking a couple of Houston-crafted beers (and each pub crawl highlights a particular seasonal, oh joy). What am I saying? You can’t even classify this as taking any “effort” at all. Whether Saint Arnold Brewery holds the pub crawl in Midtown, Montrose, West U, The Heights or otherwise, it’s a sight to behold.

Voting closes on Tuesday, January 10th

— The Loop Scoop


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