March 20th, 2012

H-Town Showdown: The Airport Argument: Hobby vs. Bush Intercontinental

Bush or Hobby? IAH or William P.? Five terminals or one? You’d think a decision on which to use in your traveling adventures would be as simple as whether or not your flight is domestic or cross border. Perhaps the prevailing winds are in the price point—historically Hobby’s been known as less of a coin sucker than its big brother up the Four-Five. As Stephan’s latest article proposes, there may come a day in the near future when these adages no longer have much bearing. In light of the possibilities and realities, who ya got? Or does one simply say f$%k it—I’m driving?


William P. Hobby
This little guy’s been serving Houston for just under a 100 years—long time. Houston Intercontinental tried to steal its thunder in the 60s, but Hobby kept trucking along. With the explosion on Southwest Airlines, the little airport-that-could found some room to grow. With a single brand new terminal, it’s easy to navigate whether arriving, departing, dropping off or picking up.

The Loop Scoop Lean: It’s Tea’s aeropuerto of choice, but that’s probably because he doesn’t know Bush Intercontinental exists.


George Bush Intercontinental
Our gateway to the rest of the world is just north of town. Bush Intercontinental Airport is a self-sustaining beast. They may as well quarter off some farmland and proclaim independence. The unseasoned traveller is scared of the behemoth, but the fly boys among us exalt its efficiency and the breadth of its reach. Since 1969, the airport has grown into a driving force for Houston business and tourism. Like it or not, it’s the first face someone new to Houston sees, and it’s hard to get handsomer than a bronze George H.W. Bush.

The Loop Scoop Lean: Stephan doesn’t do Hobby.


F$%k It—I’m Driving
Cozumel here I come. I don’t care. I’ll take on the border patrol any day rather than face TSA. A drug sniffing dog is ten times better than a lubed-up cavity search. There’s absolutely no way you’re going to strap me into an airborne death trap. No thank you. Give me the keys and let’s roll.

The Loop Scoop Lean: Richard’s never been on a plane, his new-age principles dictate land roving and nothing else.

— The Loop Scoop


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