February 2nd, 2010

Hermann Park Conservancy: Bernar Venet Sculpture Exhibition

The last few weekends have been less than spectacular in regards to weather. Cold, cloudy days should never be a payoff for weekend warriors trying to forget about their nine to fives. Luckily for us Loopsters, this weekend looks like it will be sunny and sixty (degrees, that is). My advice to you is grab a blanket, some snacks, your camera, and maybe a good book, and head on down to Hermann Park. With the Bernar Venet Sculpture Exhibition on display, it’s the perfect spot to grab some R&R with a side of culture.

Just last week I made some time to check out some of the exhibit. Let’s tackle it photo-essay-style.


The Mary Gibbs & Jesse H. Jones Reflection Pool with the Pioneer Monument in the background.


The Miller Outdoor Theatre rises up to swallow the hill that provides seating during performances.


On the median between the park grounds and the Houston Museum of Natural Science Bernar’s sculpture dominates the landscape for driver and pedestrian alike.


As usual, children always find more utility in art than we ever could. I see majesty, they see a hurdle and slide.


I’m not sure what Venet intended this be called, but I’m going to dub it “The Boneyard.” All the steel that didn’t make the cut rests on the small hill between the parking lot and Fannin St.


A close up of the mangled steel that never found a home in one of the arc structures.


Each sculpture is stamped with the radian measure of the arcs that constitute them. Science and art collide once again.


Laying on the ground looking up at the tallest of the arc sculptures.

ArticleImage-TWTW 1-24 - Hermann Park

Standing with my back to San Jacinto Street looking back toward the park, the tallest arcs frame Sam Houston quite well, don’t you think?

Don’t just take my word for it (or my camera’s… he’s a liar and a thief), check out the exhibit this weekend. It will be worth your time and the perfect thing to do if you’re looking to relax with a leisurely walk around one of Houston’s great parks. If you make the time let us know how you felt about it.

[Note: As always, our unedited/uncropped photos are on our Flickr account.]

— Paul


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