June 7th, 2013

How Do You Spell Chihuahua?: Charity Spelling Bee to Benefit Red Collar Rescue

If asked, would you know how to spell the word “knaidel,” which was the winning word from this year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee? We didn’t think so. But perhaps you fancy yourself a speller who never had the chance to show off your orthographic chops – your chance has finally arrived. This coming Saturday, you have your shot at taking home the top prize in an all grown-up Charity Spelling Bee that will benefit the Red Collar Rescue.

The Charity Spelling Bee is the brainchild of longtime Red Collar Rescue volunteer Bev Caplan. Caplan and her husband have been fostering dogs for Red Collar for over a year and wanted to do something more to help out.

“Helping the dogs is wonderful of course but working with the passionate and committed people involved in Red Collar make it that much more of a joy,” says Caplan.

Red Collar Rescue takes in animals both living on the street and from other shelters. It is one of Houston’s few no-kill shelters. They are often the last hope for older dogs that are deemed “unadoptable;” Red Collar doesn’t discriminate. The funds raised from the Charity Spelling Bee will go to helping the organization in its mission to find loving homes for needy dogs.

But a spelling bee is a funny way to raise funds, and funny is a key word for this particular spelling bee. Caplan’s husband, local comedian Ty Mahany, will play the part of host and he has a special knack for humiliation, which is always in good spirits. In addition to contestants being berating for their failing to “I before E except after C’ing,” guests will be entertained by three Houston comedians Dusti Rhodes, Warren Wright and Bob Morrissey. And of course, there will be beer to make words like acquiess acquiesce that much more difficult to spell.

This is Caplan’s second spelling bee and the first was a big success. She opted for this format as a way to raise funds because it’s something you do not see every day and people gravitated towards the first iteration.

“You’d be surprised- there are lots of people out there who want to avenge their 4th grade spelling bee shortcomings, such as the woman who once spelled cabbage with three Bs,” Caplan says.

Although she promises the words won’t be too difficult, there are some hefty prizes, such as a $100 Target gift card and tickets to the theater for those that can make their way to the top of the word heap.

Even if you live and die by your spellchecker, tickets to the event are cheap — $10 to watch, $5 to play both which come with a free drink – and you are supporting a good cause.

“There are always going to be strays and abandoned dogs,” Caplan laments, “knowing that we have helped dozens of dogs find safe and loving homes makes it just a bit easier to deal with that fact.”

The Charity Spelling Bee takes place Saturday, June 8. Doors are at 7 and the letter slinging starts at 7:30 p.m. Station Theater, 1230 Houston Avenue.

Abby Koenig is a regular contributor to the Houston Press and a playwright.
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For more information visit the Facebook event page.

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