July 19th, 2011

Hubcap Grill and Beer Garden: Soft Opening, Course Customer

Just like promises, rules and regulations were made to be broken. Then, of course you need to buy flowers and crawl back asking for forgiveness and a second chance. After jumping through hoops and cutting through red tape for the last four months, Hubcap Grill and Beer Garden has finally caught up with all of the city-ordered changes. Ricky Craig is just about ready to smash a champagne bottle on the front stoop and christen his newest location.

This past summer, the 19th Street location of the Beer Garden has been nothing better than a parking lot for the retired Hubcap Grill burger truck. It’s stood there, idle, teasing the people that venture away from Shepherd hoping to come upon a burger beacon in the night. Finally, there will be a Hubcap Grill for people that can’t get downtown during lunch hours. The Sticky Burger (and all the rest of them, for that matter) will be available until 10:00PM Monday through Wednesday and until midnight Thursday through Saturday. Late night cravings will finally be satisfied.


[We caught the City of Houston leaving after they approved the final changes.]

Enough teasing… We’re here to tell you that Monday, July 25th is the big day. Technically, it’s the little-big day. Ricky Craig has scheduled the soft opening for the beginning of next week. It’s a “come as you are and who you are,” no invitation, no reservation, full-bore affair. Finally, we’re going to be able to pull Tea Jones out of his driveway where he has sat every night since April slathering peanut butter on every dinner served—Leprechaun in hand—yearning for this grill and beer garden experience.


The new location includes a small side dining room, complete with air conditioning. But a beer garden isn’t really anything without beer or a garden, is it? Well, Hubcap has you covered on that front and with the end of summer in sight (not really) there is plenty of great weather up ahead.


He’s finding the perfect beers. Ideally, 25 craft beers is how it’s going to start out. Trying out all of the possibilities has to be one of the perks of the job. “Honey, I’m totally wasted because of work… I swear. Those beers aren’t going to drink themselves…”


Of course, even though it’s a beer garden, there will be a good selection of bottled sodas too. Will the pop selection be enough to keep your hand from reaching for a craft brew? We’re going to say there’s a distinct possibility that you’ll be sipping the sweet, bubbly stuff from time to time.


The backyard dining area—expect horseshoes, darts, and bags (or, if you must, “corn hole”). Please don’t try to vault the fence to get to your car. The razor wire is meant to keep you safe inside. It’s a bad world out there. Find comfort in the burgers and beer. That’s what they’re there for.


Just a few of the beers that Ricky’s been testing. We’re partial to Convict Hill, and it will definitely suit the barb wire halo you’ll be surrounded by outside.


The tunes will be blasting, many of which were recommendations by the folks following Ricky’s Twitter feed. And look at that… It’s a classic jukebox. No internet aficionados will be able to take control of the digital beast and subject you to hours of Brittney Spears. Nothing’s worse than too many choices.


And with the new location, comes new staff t-shirts. Hand rendered gritty typography serves up various fonts, much like the unexpected ingredients on the burgers created there. Burger and bun or hubcap? You decide.


Where – The Heights: 1133 W 19th St., Houston, TX 77008 (View Map)
What – Delicious burgers, fresh fries, sweet, sweet beer and sodas.
Wear – With a burger named “Hangover,” there’s a pretty good indication it don’t matter.
How Much – For burgers, think the price of Whataburger, beers are priced about average for a craft selection
When – Monday through Wednesday – 11:00AM to 10:00PM, Thursday through Saturday – 11:00AM to 12:00AM, Sunday – Closed
Web – http://www.hubcapgrill.com
Twitter – @Hubcap_Grill

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sunkneelion — Thursday, July 21, 2011 3:29 pm

’bout damn time!

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