March 13th, 2009

Humble Beginnings: Introducing The Loop Scoop

In 21 Words: Lush, Reputation, Houston, Humid, Young, Old, Delicious, Fun, Large, Culture, Howdy, South, Southwest, Cajun, Ivy, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Belles, Zoning, Energy, Soul


First of all, welcome. We’re glad you made it. We’ve been expecting you.

Secondly, let us give you a little bit of background on this humble venture. The Loop Scoop started as a road trip day dream. Trips the length of that between Pascagoula Mississippi and Houston Texas make it easy to drift off to grand thoughts and lofty goals. A conversation with a college friend who was planning on launching a grassroots Austin PR-like website was the inspiration for eight hours of brainstorming. The only result up until now was a hefty speeding ticket.

Our fair city is in need of such a “grassroots PR website.” You see, Houston, in our humble opinion, gets something of a bad rap. Too many people want the Bayou City to be Austin, Dallas or San Antonio. Houston is Houston. It deserves it’s own identity, good reputation and a fair shake. It’s as plain as that.

The goal is simple yet daunting: Reinvent the Houston experience. The Loop Scoop is not your typical review, report and rank website. It is a brand new tour of the city. Our commitment is to bring you a vision of Houston that you have been searching for, never knew existed or forgotten about.  We hope to generate some positive interest in everything unique that Houston has to offer.

One Coffee Shop, Bar/Club, Restaurant, Boutique, Art Gallery and Music Venue at a time, we will tackle Houston’s treasures as a first-time witness. As we begin our adventure we will follow a modest motto: “We don’t have a reputation, but Houston should have a good one.”

We look forward to your comments, suggestions and opinions along the way. Email us: or

Join us on our journey,

— Paul


Alli — Wednesday, July 1, 2009 8:56 am

I am quite excited about this venture, although I’d love for you to learn how to use a comma

Jquizz — Wednesday, July 1, 2009 12:07 pm

Awesome! It’s about time…

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