December 28th, 2011

Inman Gallery: “Related Clues” by Various Artists

Inman Gallery brings a bombshell of an exhibition to H-town. “Related Clues” is a group show dealing with 2D and 3D concepts and how each artist interprets their own ideas into that investigation.

University of Houston Professor, Jillian Conrad brings a unique vision of new formations to the table. Her constructions read like drawings. “Radar Range” 2011 reminds me of cliffs and mountains separated by clean lines and edges. “Casing” 2011 has what looks like recycled parts that are reconfigured to make a new image, what I love about Conrad’s process is that she’s not afraid of using readily available materials and re-introduces them into a new visual language that’s creative and refreshing.

[Claire Falkenberg Winter: oil on collaged C-print -- 56" x 56"]

Ian Pedigo’s “Signals Announcing the Unavailable” 2009 presents a conceptual puzzle for the audience. As a fellow Art junkie I’m addicted to new colors, new forms and new materials in art. Using automobile airbags, pencil, and spray paint, Pedigo manages to create an art piece that is so magical it hypnotizes you. A variety of six circular shapes floating on a pristine white wall dancing and stationary all at the same time give the viewer something to think about. There is a feeling of positive and negative aspects that are pushing and pulling you into the piece. I am only saddened that the piece does not continue toward the rest of the room. Pedigo definitely brings a type of conceptual drawing that I am not familiar with and executes it very well.

[Ian Pedigo Signal Unavailable: air bags, pencil, spray paint -- 9' x 18']

Brion Nuda Rosch’s “Form Stack #19”2011 and “Form (Possible Portrait) Covered in Paint”2011 seem to be hybrid structures that are part painting and part sculpture intertwined. These unusual free standing bodies seem sincere in terms of development. I like that the images are double sided and that there is no front or back to the sculptures. What I dislike is how the frame is attached to the top of the pedestal. It looks like the artist fastened the piece with traditional L brackets. I feel a better adhesive could have been used. The images alternate between abstraction on one side and collage on the other. If you force the pedestal to be interconnected with the art, it has to do more than just being a box to sit art on top.

[Brion Nuda Rosch Time As Concept (Infinity): acrylic on paper on C-Print, 40" x 54"]

Whether one sees the exhibition as a painting, drawing, or sculpture show there is no denying that these artists are the true superheroes of tomorrow. Taking chances and pushing the envelope of what great art should be about. Spend some time with these related clues to see how they coincide with each other and you.

“Related Clues” runs through January 8, 2012
Works by Jillian Conrad, Claire Falkenberg, Ian Pedigo, and Brion Nuda Rosch

Inman Gallery [3901 Main Street Houston, Texas 77002]
Phone: 713-526-7800
Hours: Tu-Sat. 11-6pm

Submitted by Jesse Kantu

— The Loop Scoop


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