August 23rd, 2011

Lawndale Art Center: “A Time to Celebrate” by Mark Ponder

I always try to swing by Lawndale Art Center when I can for the exhibitions. Picking up my metal tin for the Retablo show coming up later this year, I stumbled upon Mark Ponder’s exhibition in the the project space at Lawndale. As I entered the space, I was touched by an enormous amount of controlled energy. Happiness, excitement and joy filled the room with colored streamers from the ceiling, bows, balloons and stars that were all over the place. Presents that were stacked against the wall and confetti all over the wood floors. A table at the far right had an assortment of objects and mementos that seemed they could be a tribute or shrine to the deceased.


My first reaction was one of reflection and how we all reflect on past birthdays. Then my eye caught the image of a dead wolf hanging and the portrait to the right of this coyote modeling for the picture. I was somewhat confused because I thought it dealt with Man versus Death and the fight to conquer that fear. Nonetheless I felt somewhat sad for this animal. I couldn’t make the connection between these two aspects but I think it’s worth checking out.

If you find yourself near 4912 Main Street — or the Museum District in general — stop by and check out Mark Ponder’s A Time to Celebrate, you just might find something new and interesting.

Submitted by Jesse Kantu

— The Loop Scoop


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