October 6th, 2011

Listomania: Ten Places We’re Ashamed We Haven’t Been

Rose Garden
You won’t get me to admit that I haven’t been to many bars around town. I’ve been there and drank that in the shadiest to the swankiest spots in Houston. Yet here I am, cohorts with Stephan who happens to be a huge proponent of The Rose Garden and I’ve yet to set foot in and open a tab at the Czech bar. Call me crazy.
- Paul

Big John’s
I talk a lot about going outside the Loop. I’ve also been known to enjoy rugby and eclectic beers. Why I havn’t put all of these things together and hit Big John’s in the Mission Bend area is a mystery. The place claims to have every international match that’s broadcast Stateside. With the location just outside the bigger Loop, falling short of making the trip at least once should be grounds for shooting the boot.
- Richard

Black Hole Coffee House
For liking Antidote and Poison Girl as much as I do, how is it that I haven’t made time to visit the newest digs of the same owners. It’s right down the street from where I used to live. Alexander keeps telling us we need to have our weekly meetings there. All these things point to the fact that I should be familiar, but such is not the case.
- Paul

Natachee’s (Supper ‘N Punch)
One of my go-to spots has always been Big Top. I’ve had some great times there… But I’ve also had a few times I can’t remember because I arrived on an empty stomach. How is it then that I haven’t made time for dinner at Natachee’s which is a sneeze away from my hallowed grounds. It has everything that I want/need: Supper AND punch. Come on, now. Wake up and smell the hand-spanked burgers.
- Paul

Mucky Duck
It’s a cool place, right? That’s what my parents tell me. Good acts play there, and it even has a sign on Kirby. I drive by it on my way to gorge at the Hobbit Cafe all the time. I guess I should go, but whenever I think of it, I’m already full of Hobbit wrap, and at that point, they’d probably have to cut another door just to roll my bloated ass into the Duck.
- Zach

Latin Bites Cafe
Sure, I made my way to the short-lived Ray’s Franks. Latin Bites, which has the same location and much, much superior fare (allegedly) hasn’t been on my radar when my stomach calls out for sustenance. Ages ago, I even received an unsolicited facebook message from a college friend telling me to check it out. The Loop Scoop probably lost his readership because of my negligence.
- Paul

I just got back from Vegas where I spent the afternoon at the Venus pool at Caesar’s Palace. Basically a nightclub in the water in the middle of the day. I was a swimmer in high school. I was a professional drinker from college on. Mixing the two shouldn’t be a problem. Therefore, worrying about slipping into the pool at Roak as I pound back Grey Goose and Red Bull shouldn’t be a problem for me. Right?
- Paul

Kicks Indoor Soccer (to Watch Houston Roller Derby)
Granted, Kicks is still very much there, just off Durham, but it no longer hosts the Brawlers, Bosses, Sirens or Betties. Shame, that with all of that wheeling, bashtastic excitement going on just miles from my home, I never once took the time on a Saturday night to cheer on a single bout. Dreams of Lonestar tall boys and ridiculous chants for some of the cheapest tickets in town were dashed this Summer when they moved outside the Loop. Guess I’ll put that on the list.

Rainbow Lodge
I probably won’t be able to avoid this one much longer. On the list of places that my girlfriend keeps bugging me to take her, Rainbow Lodge is numbers 1 through 6. Apparently, food trucks as a romantic dining experience just aren’t cutting it anymore. No offense wheeled kitchens, there’s still much love. So it looks like the 30-mainstay on the Houston culinary scene will be my albatross no more.
- Paul

Reggae Hut
During my year-long stay in St. Croix I picked up a love of jerk. Being a jerk myself, it was an easy conversion. Other people, like my dad, hate it immediately. Being that there aren’t a preponderance of island restaurants around town, you would have assumed that I would have gotten out to Reggea Hut by now for some Caribbean flavor. We all know that the jerk-flavored wing sauces aren’t going to do the trick. Oh well. Next time Sean offers up this place as a post-golf meal, maybe I’ll actually say yes.
- Paul

Zach / Richard / Paul

— The Loop Scoop


Cameron — Friday, October 7, 2011 9:34 am

Great list. I’ve been dying to go to Natachee’s as well but haven’t made it yet. Been to Reggae Hut and Mucky Duck, they are both great unique adventures!

Dean — Friday, October 7, 2011 12:08 pm

Big John’s website says they’re on Wilcrest. Is there another location in Katy?

Paul — Friday, October 7, 2011 12:34 pm

Richard is directionally challenged sometimes… Hence the Garmin failure of earlier this week: http://theloopscoop.com/sorrel-urban-bistro-brisk-service-brings-the-unmistakably-fresh

Richard — Friday, October 7, 2011 12:43 pm

Yeah, there’s the directionally challenged flaw and the “sometimes goes on word of mouth flaw.” Shame. Thanks for catching that Dean.

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