September 14th, 2010

Lone Star Beer: Bash at the Brewery (Winning Submissions)

We asked you for stories about Lone Star Beer. You responded and we’re grateful. It was a difficult process whittling down to only five winners, but we managed to get it done.

Bash at the Brewery is on September 25th, 2010, and tickets are still available to be won over on Lone Star’s website.

For your viewing and reading pleasure, here are the winners of The Loop Scoop contest.


I drink Lone Star Beer when I need a little liquid courage for when I’m around Mike, a friend of a friend. Usually we end up hanging out for the rest of the night and drinking a couple of Lone Star brewskis. Lone Star will be invited to the wedding. ;)
- Melissa

I’ll never forget the day I was served my first “Black Star.” It was a cool winter night and I needed something to warm me up. Being a die-hard Lone Star drinker, I wasn’t ready to turn my back on my friend. Instead, the bartender offered to top off my long neck with Johnny Walker Black. Who needs a hot toddy?
- Trent

Lone Star first came into my life as the cost-effective, beer of choice during my college days. Beer pong never tasted so delicious. Winning might have been preferable, but losing was never quite that bad. Losing the fifth game in a row was when the trouble came up. That’s a different story for a different contest.
- Bernard

Who doesn’t love Lone Star? Lone Star Light is the “beer that knows who shot JR.” It’s the National Beer of Texas. Hipsters love it. Rednecks love it. Little kids love it… Wait, no they don’t… Or at least they shouldn’t. My granddaddy gave me my first Lone Star. It was always in his ice box when we visited: six tall-boys standing proudly, wired to each other. Turning 21 never tasted quite as good as that trip.
- Joe

I’d be lying if I said that Lone Star wasn’t part my my “first time” experience. But you said you didn’t want to hear those stories, so I guess I’ll just keep it to myself… Lone Star is great. I want tickets. That’s my story. Does it make me a winner?
- Lindsey

[Ed. Note: Upon following up, Lindsey's story was indeed worthy of a win. We can't publish it here. That's your loss (and kind of your gain). Equal parts horror and comedy... Fellas, it's time to tighten up.]

We hope you all have fun at the Bash. Tickets will be in the mail tomorrow. Check back in and let us know how it goes. We’ll be there as well, but the more stories, the better.

— The Loop Scoop


Boldy — Sunday, September 19, 2010 12:31 am

Hola, – da mejor. Guardar va!


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