June 15th, 2012

Loopster Live: A Preview of The English Beat and The Romantics at Fitzgerald’s

As Fitzgerald’s often makes a habit of, tonight’s show features two bands whose vinyls have long collected dust in your record collection. Popped collars seem to be in fashion amongst a segment of the population again, whether serious or ironic, everybody’s favorite teal house in the Heights is providing the perfect forum tonight, as these two 80’s icons take over the big stage.

The Romantics avoided one-hit wonder status with a couple of ear worms. The songs are unmistakably 80’s pop, but catchy enough to bring a smile to all but the most cynical.

On the other hand, The English Beat deserve more than your nostalgic appreciation. With a combination of ska, reggae, punk, and pop – you owe it to yourself to get a glimpse of the sound that influenced peers such as The Clash and The Police. Post-breakup, members formed General Public and Fine Young Cannibals, both of which developed their own respectable followings. The current line-up is built around Dave Wakeling. Sadly, Andy Cox and David Steele are not returning, even so, Wakeling’s enough to motivate me.

I’ll be the one in the lime green leg warmers.

Tickets are $32 at the door or $30 if you can get them online before the show. Hurry, hurry.

— The Loop Scoop


cwize — Friday, June 15, 2012 6:13 pm

actually, they’re 36.00 online once you pay the service fee. Only worth it if there’s threat of a sell out.

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