March 13th, 2012

Loopster Live: A Saturday with Dr. Dog

After an epic Friday night, you might think that one would want to rest on his laurels. You don’t know one very well.

Saturday would be all about Dr. Dog, the indie rock band out of the Philly area. First the excitement and the heavy rotation of their albums, then the in-store performance at Cactus Music, all of it leading up to a jam-packed (literally and musically) performance at Fitzgerald’s.


Apparently, I wasn’t the only Houstonian in on the hysteria. Cactus Music filled up quickly, with only the brave willing to stand in line for St. Arnold’s to risk losing their spot amongst the rows of CDs. Dr. Dog took the stage after a short delay which only increased the fever of the fans more. They struck off into a 45 minute set, cramming all six members on and around the tiny store stage.


They did everything the right way. Dr. Dog barely let up on the pedal long enough to take requests from the crowd. It was a show tailored just for us folks and followers. Jay Dryden was right up front, capturing these intimate photos, one of many hipster sardines that couldn’t get close enough.


The show at Fitzgerald’s had long soldout before the doors opened. Lines for Will Call and for those with printed tickets, snaked around the teal building into the parking lot. If you didn’t show up early, you were destined for a spot trying to peak over heads for a glimpse or weaving your way through the rafters.


Givers were to take the stage first, and did they. With gusto they took over the little amount of space left them by the Dr. Dog set. You would have sworn they were the headlining gig as I was left out of the singalong they inspired in their fans. They must have imported a crowd from their home in Lafeyette for the night.


Dr. Dog came on the stage after a member of the crew, dressed in an orange space suit complete with bulbous helmet, uncovered the set design. We were all in for an intimate night, invited in from the cold and onto the couch of Dr. Dog’s tacky living room.


The show would pour on from there. No time for formalities, the band jumped into the already loaded ship and started rocking. The balcony emptied. The beer line dissipated. All attention was theirs and that’s just how they wanted it. They left us all with a buzz and a lot of memories as they ushered us back into the night.


Most of all they left us with a hope that we can spend an entire day with them again. And the photos to prove that it was worth it.

Cactus In-Store Performance Photos by Jay Dryden (More on Flickr)




(Literally, the most important photo of the day)

Fitzgerald’s Performance Photos by Derek Key (More on Flickr)



— Paul


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