May 3rd, 2011

Loopster Live: Black Lips at Fitzgerald’s

To be 21 again, hangovers require true excess, cover is finally waived, and pogo-moshing with 350 of your soon to be forgotten best-friends to the beat of an awesome performance upstairs at Fitzgerald’s. I recall one such evening in which a roommate lurched to the stage, ralphed on it, and went right back into the pit. We were suave bastards, but I’ll save the reminiscing for my never to be published tell-all.


Friday night saw Atlanta’s Black Lips swing into town. The warm up banter indicated a little time spent scouting before the show with a promise to decamp to Jimmie’s Ice House afterwards, as long as someone in the crowd had procured sufficient glaucoma medication to obviate further exploring. The crowd took that for the indicator that it was: The night was to be a full ahead, livers-be-dammed, let’s get rowdy.


For raw, party-rock, the band is remarkably similar in sound to their album. Guess if you don’t rely on production, it’s not a stretch to recreate. It helped that the masses had already been baptized and were more interested in screaming along then listening for live interpretations.


I’d get on my old man porch and chide the crowd surfing as tired, but when Ian and Cole Alexander launch themselves into the crowd, while continuing to keep up with their guitar playing, I have to admit it’s tempting to jump in. The thrown cups when the band first hit the stage were shrugged off, but based on the band’s conversation with the promoter afterwards, Houston crowds may have helped firm our reputation as hurlers.


Mixtape Mashup: Dash Rip Rock meets Dick Dale. (Look ‘em up.)

Stoney’s Take: I was ripped, then I was slammed, then I was screaming, and then I woke up in the living room with the CD player blasting. If anyone finds my shirt… I picked it up at Coachella ’08.

[Check out more photos on Alexander's Flickr profile]

— Alexander


faith silva — Wednesday, May 4, 2011 12:07 am

These photos are amazing, Alexander

Paul — Wednesday, May 4, 2011 8:28 am

Agreed. The crowd-surfing one might be my favorite concert photo I’ve ever seen.

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