April 10th, 2011

Loopster Live: Duran Duran at Warehouse Live

Tickets for Wednesday’s performance at Warehouse Live initially sold out in a bit over an hour and had Twitter buzzing yesterday as folks scoured for last minute options. The opportunity to see Duran Duran in a club setting had many fans excited, with some lining up as early as 10:30am.

When the lads hit the stage a few minutes before the expected start time (no divas here), the revved-up packed house welcomed the band with an enthusiastic cheer that required a bow by Simon. If you searched YouTube for Duran Duran in the last two months or saw the David Lynch-moderated simulcast last month, the opening measures of “All You Need Is Now” is already familiar to you. Another new track was followed by the 30 year old “Planet Earth”, which hasn’t aged well, and clearly sucked some of the energy (as measured by cell phones recording/photographing) out of the crowd before “Hungry Like the Wolf” put things back on track.

I won’t bore with a play-by-play of the setlist. Suffice it to say the hardcore fans who verge on apoplexy at the prospect of the lads’ sweat upon them were dancing and screaming throughout the evening. However, the majority of the crowd were older fans who sang along to established hits. Fortunately for all, retro hits prevailed over trying to force new-tune-love as the set progressed, with ‘95’s cover of Grandmaster Flash’s “White Lines” getting a huge response.

There were the typical family vignettes. One of which played out next to me as the teen daughter oscillated from wanting to become invisible as her mother visibly transported back 25 years to having an epiphany that Duran Duran’s music is passionately happy and this other side of Mom was worthy of teen scorn and emulation. (Shout out to mom: Thank you for the drink and the pinch on the ass – I’m choosing to believe that was you and not your husband.)

Other takeaways:
I want a collaboration between keyboardist Nick Rhodes and The Cars’ Greg Hawkes. Not expecting an Elton John/Leon Russell type of production, the visual just amuses me.

Best move of the week: wearing the chaps I wore to The Scissor Sisters again. All that “unwanted” attention on Monday was more than balanced out by the suburban cougars. (Call me Jackie and Vanessa.) Pro tip: When hunting, as cologne, Rombauer Chardonnay beats anything from Escada.

The smell of herb was noticeable the moment The Scissor Sisters hit the stage on Monday, but on Wednesday, not until “Being Followed” as Simon ironically sang of paranoia. (I wish I was clever enough to make this up.) In my area of the house, 20 soccer mom heads began swiveling trying to discern the source. Whether the culprit was grounded or forced to share, I do not know.

Album Trivia:
ALL YOU NEED IS NOW features guest vocals from Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters and Arcade Fire’s Owen Pallett contributed to the album’s string arrangements.

The stage light coloring was essentially limited to red, with several songs bathed in fully illuminated white — credit to the lads for embracing their maturing look. There were some interesting minor back set pieces that looked as if they could provide a water effect, but I would not be surprised to hear that Houston’s fire code prevented their intended operation.

Mix-Tape Mash-Up: Duran meets Duran. Duh.
Stoney McDougal’s Take: John Taylor and I used to have the same haircut. I played the shit out of “Rio” back when I had my Firebird. Good times.

All You Need Is Now
Planet Earth
Hungry Like The Wolf
Being Followed
Light On
Ordinary World
White Lines (Grandmaster Flash cover)
Girl Panic!
Come Undone
Girls on Film

— Alexander


Spider — Sunday, April 10, 2011 4:27 pm

Kick-ass show!! Kick-ass band!!! Kick-ass album!! Everyone must pick up their copy of, “All You Need Is Now”! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!!

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