March 23rd, 2012

Loopster Live: fun. w/ Avalanche City at Warehouse Live

It was a night of mutual obsession with fun. packed the house on Tuesday night. The love affair between Nate Reuss and Houston was palpable from the onset of the show, admiration flowing back and forth from under the lights to the densely filled hall of Warehouse Live.


The sold out crowd teetering toward mostly teenagers pushed forward toward the stage filling every nook and cranny of space. There would be no breaking through the throng of people. But all seemed to be satisfied with their station as the frantic Reuss used every bit of stage, sprinting back and forth and side to side. He dared fun.’s fans to keep up with his energy, and they matched him in spades.

[Avalanche City]

Before the fun. craze took over every inch of atmosphere, Avalanche City, a trio made of members from New Zealand, Nashville and Portland, twinkled their way into the hearts of the gathering. Accordian, xylophone and violin all complimented the strum of an acoustic guitar. The sounds of the two bands couldn’t have been more different. Avalanche City would have played a more to the strength’s of Reuss’ former band The Format than his current pop giant.

[Avalanche City]

The band’s first trip to Houston wouldn’t be wasted. The crowd’s desire to see their flavor of the season didn’t take away from Avalanche City. The didn’t have to break through a din of conversations and distractions. It was a night for fun., but it was also a night to enjoy the music experience.


As they did last time they were in town opening for Panic at the Disco, fun. played in front of a set boasting the name of the band daring you to describe them as anything but. Nate’s effectiveness as a lead singer and entertainer have gotten stronger over the last year. Based on the strength and mass appeal of their hit single, “We are Young”, they turned a strong opening performance in 2011 into a can’t-miss headline tour in 2012.


Reuss’ enthusiasm was met by the rest of the touring band and specifically founding member Jack Antonoff on guitar. The two were never tethered to one spot on the stage for long. They crisscrossed all night, Antonoff doing his part to amp up the crowd without the help of a handheld microphone and the distinctive voice of Reuss.


Every few songs, fun. would stop to talk to the crowd, share stories of finding and adopting a crawfish in Houston, thanking the fans for providing “the most fun they ever had on stage.” None of it seemed disingenuous or recycled from earlier tour dates. There was feeling of pride inside Warehouse Live, even one of accomplishment for achieving such lofty praise.


At the end of the night, fun. left us all exhausted. One can’t even imagine how tired the band could have been. We had only an inch or two in each direction to move and they worked the entire width of the building for an hour and a half. They finished up the main set with their two singles “We are Young” and “Some Nights” before appearing for one last duo of tunes in “All Alright” and “Take Your Time”, but this was a set in which every song seemed to be the most fevered finale.


Set List
“One Foot”
“Walking the Dog”
“All the Pretty Girls”
“Why Am I the One”
“All Alone”
“It Gets Better”
“Carry On”
“The Gambler”
“Be Calm”
“At Least”
“We are Young”
“Some Night”


“All Alright”
“Take Your Time (Coming Home)”

[Avalanche City]

— Paul


Dan — Friday, March 23, 2012 6:56 pm

this may have been the best show I’ve ever seen at Warehouse.

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