April 5th, 2011

Loopster Live: Scissor Sisters at Warehouse Live

It’s a very rare occasion when I wish I’d seen an act in a bigger venue. However, Warehouse Live just didn’t seem big enough for the Scissor Sisters last night.


I was made a Scissor Sisters‘ convert at their last Houston appearance at the Verizon some four years ago and have unashamedly introduced others to the manic, infectious disco-revival spectacle that is the Sisters. Yet, last night’s performance proved that while a little familiarity may diminish the shock value, it cannot begin to smother the flame of unadulterated fun.


Not a sell-out, but a good-sized crowd for a Monday evening – perhaps Sunday would have been a better night for the stylist’s Saturday? Warehouse was full of gay crowd, disco revivalists, and folks who could appreciate the energy. And this was a concert of extreme enthusiasm.


There were multiple interludes in which Ana Matronic held forth with tidbits such as “The higher the hair, the closer to heaven. The bigger the bush, the closer to hell.” and “I would resuscitate you mouth to south mouth.” Some seemed designed to connect, some to titillate, others just an opportunity to provide Ana and partnered front man, Jake Shears, a break to understandably catch their breath.


In response to Ana’s query, a good portion of the crowd was new to live Scissor Sisters. In the feedback I heard, all were impressed. Choreography, passion, costume changes – the Sisters brought it. The lighting production was not surprisingly less than the Verizon show, but the immediacy made up for it. The mix of songs kept enough dance hits close enough that it would be hard to complain. Personally, I was surprised/disappointed that “Music Is the Victim” didn’t make the set with its Houston reference and huge response last tour, but some newer, replacement songs were almost as welcome.


The encore deserves special notice. “Sex & Violence” showcases Jake’s voice in a manner that the dance tunes do not. There’s an intonation that is generally missed. S & V is not the “Different Corner” breakthrough that they need for mainstream success, but it hints at what could be. “Invis Light”, however, demonstrated how well Scissor Sisters get on your feet, clap your hands, sing along music that a band such as the Black Eyed Peas so obviously attempts. And it reinforced my sense that this is an act I want to see in a stadium.


Scissor Sisters are still a ways off from being able to headline a stadium, but that song has the capacity to get Wembley rocking, and if Bob Geldof stops his Gandalf impression and decides to have a Live Aid 15, he would be silly not to have Scissor Sisters getting that legendary venue and the world dancing.


Set list:
Any Which Way
Running Out
Kiss You Off
Skin This cat
Sex & Violence
Invis Light


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Additional photos from Devo at Warehouse Live found at: www.flennerfoto.com

— Alexander


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