March 5th, 2012

Loopster Live: The Ghost Wolves at Continental Club

Left to my own devices on Thursday night, I decided to venture down to one of my favorite blocks for a couple of my favorite fixations. Starting off the night would be my first trip to Double Trouble to gear up for The Ghost Wolves show at Continental Club. Coffee and bourbon were the perfect segue into a night of stripped down rock ‘n roll by Carley “Carazy” Wolf and Jonathan “Little Hammer” Wolf.


The Ghost Wolves are Carley Wolf and Johnny Wolf, a duo that will most often be described as “The White Stripes in reverse.” Carley takes over the duties of guitar thrashing while Jonny handles the drums. It’s no-frills, in your face rock ‘n roll. With only the six-song EP In Ya Neck to their credit so far, Ghost Wolves rely on the exuberance of their live performance rather than the girth of their set.


The white “wolf” mask behind the band serving as a talisman overlooking the crowd provided a surreal vibe to the show. It was as if Jonny and Carley drew from it strength. Little did I know, they had a wolf hidden backstage, a mascot for the road that came barreling out into the lights after it was all said and done.


The short yet dizzying set only had a crowd of twenty or so. Blame it on the late school night as the band didn’t get started until after 10PM. The lack of eyes and ears did nothing to dampen their spirit. From head-banging to crazed jumping (see last photo), Carley was a force, guitar slung around her shoulder, with Jonny driving The Ghost Wolves to furious heights with his drumming.


When the Austin band finally let us off the hook and left the stage, the only thing I could think of was the fact that I wanted more. I was ready to take the tunes well into Friday morning, not well short of midnight. It might be a wait for The Ghost Wolves’ next Houston tour date. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch them at one of many SXSW shows. Let us know if you do.

A few more photos down below:




— Paul


jet marie — Thursday, March 8, 2012 4:14 pm

GHOST WOLVES ROCK!! the mask is scary.

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