February 1st, 2011

Loopster Live: The Happen-Ins and The Preservation at Continental Club

I’m really not sure why people ever scramble for something to do on a Friday night. Just open your eyes and a calendar to one of the music venues around town and you’ll find something worth doing. Perhaps you will have to pull a few strings on your marionette friends to get them to go along with it, but don’t worry they’ll make you go to Wonder Bar soon enough and you’ll pretend to like it.

So started our Friday night. I tried to rally the troops. I tried to make it seem as if there was no other choice but going to Continental Club to see The Happen-Ins play. For the most part it worked out.


Armed with a new lens, I made a quick pit stop at Big Top (sounds familiar, doesn’t it) before moving my way over to Continental Club for the opening band, The Preservation. As the group of about a dozen or so met up and swapped stories, The Light Rock Express started to set up in the corner of the bar which was my cue to buy my ticket next door.


The Preservation sounds a bit like the band they’re opening for, but with a slight twist. Maybe it’s the fact that their song “Tears Me Up” reminds me a bit too much of “Brim Full of Asha.” (If you go to the trouble of clicking both of those links, I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.)


Now, it’s always wrong to base a band on one song. Then again, it was ok to do the same for Dexter Freebish. Look where they ended up. Actually don’t. That abyss is a scary sight. The Preservation is one of those bands that you throw on the stereo with a speaker pointed out an open window while you try to relax on that bench swing on your front porch.


Maybe that’s the reason that the crowd is hesitant to accept them for what they are tonight. In fact, I had one friend tell me “make sure to say that this opening band sucks in your review.” Well, friend, you got yourself quoted, but you’re wrong. The Preservation don’t suck, per se, they just drew a bad pairing with The Happen-ins of whom you are a fan.


Being that I’m pretty much used up my allotment of words to describe The Happen-Ins, I tried to ask for some opinions from the friends that came with me to the show. Why take the word of one music snob all the time when you can get four or five wouldbe critics giving you their two cents through that same music snob.


“Their image is dead on with the music that they are playing,” friend #1.
“You mean a hipster that looks like he lives on a couch in a garage?” I ask.
“Yeah, just like that,” he says. “And they have really great energy.”
“So they are garage-living-hipsters on coke?”


That’s an unfair assessment. To my knowledge (read: none), all bands do massive amounts of drugs and drink gallons of alcohol. I guess I’m trying to say that there must be another reason for “the energy” on stage. Perhaps they’ve indulged in a Four Loko or five.


“I need a little more ‘rock’ and a little less ‘rockstar,’ if you know what I mean,” says friend #2.

I guess the saying is true, appearance is everything… or am I getting that wrong?


“The bassist danced around like a really creepy bird, but they sounded really good,” says friend #3.
“A ‘really creepy bird’? I guess he kind of squawks like one in a couple of their songs too, doesn’t he?”
“Yeah, it was honestly scary at times,” he retorts.


“I don’t know, there’s just something about The Happen-Ins that tells me that they have ‘it.’ They’re definitely going to go somewhere,” says friend #4.
“They’ve already made it somewhere. One of their songs was featured on The Good Guys – which has since been canceled by Fox,” says friend #5.
“Ok, well, they’re going somewhere that isn’t a second-rate cop comedy on network TV,” says #4.
“Watch your mouth, I secretly loved that show,” I chime in.

— Paul


Dave — Tuesday, February 8, 2011 2:36 pm

Wow, what an incredibly lazy review.

Paul — Tuesday, February 8, 2011 2:50 pm

Lazy like a fox!

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