April 7th, 2011

Loopster Live: The Music Week in Review 4.7.11

This week in music is brought to you by none other than Alexander Flenner. He has provided us with a short recap and photos from each of the concerts he’s attended in the last week. We think it’s good for all of us. Catch up on what you missed and relive what you saw.

Courtesy of the NCAA and March Madness (all applicable trademarks and rights being reserved by their respective corporate overlords), Houston was treated to the “Big Dance Concert Series at Discovery Green” this past weekend.


Friday brought Brooklyn’s The Hold Steady on a gorgeous Houston evening. Those arriving early were well rewarded with what I considered a non-obvious choice for the Big Dance lineup, but as it was a weekend for underdogs, perhaps not. “Stuck Between Stations” and “Sequestered In Memphis” were obvious highlights and hopefully garnered some new fans.


Mix-Tape Mash-Up: Elvis Costello meets Bruce Springsteen
Stoney McDougal’s Take: Earnest but righteous


Friday’s headliner was a reconstituted Sublime, aka Sublime with Rome (for legal reasons). No, it’s absolutely not the same band without Bradley Nowell, but how many of you saw Nowell (RIP)? Considering the crowd full of the squinty eyes, how many of you saw Rome? Hits were held for the encore – teases.


Mix-Tape Mash-Up: Sublime meets Hurley from Lost
Stoney McDougal’s Take: I smoke two joints in the morning, I smoke two joints at night; I smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright.


Saturday brought Panic At The Disco. I’m so not their demographic, so, swooning teen girls aside, I was tempted to dismiss the pretty earnestness. There are some nice hooks without being overly pop-ish. It’ll be interesting to see these guys evolve.


Mix-Tape Mash-Up: They Might Be Giants meet Green Day.
Stoney McDougal’s Take: Did you see the hotties?


Saturday’s headliner, Kings of Leon, brought a well-packed Discovery Green. Again I was reminded of the sound advantages of an outside show. The crew brought a tight set with no surprises and the hits well covered. Bonus points to drummer, Nathan Followill, for the old school Houston Rocket’s t-shirt. Points deducted from those in the crowd who expected significant personal space in an OUTDOOR FESTIVAL environment. (Picture of one jackhole family redacted as my Lenten observance.)


Mix-Tape Mash-Up: .38 Special meets Jonas Brothers
Stoney McDougal’s Take: Your sex is on fire, dude. Heh, fire.


The Scissor Sisters were reviewed separately, but deserve mention again.


Mix-Tape Mash-Up: Freddie Mercury meets Richard Simmons
Stoney McDougal’s Take: Should have taken some Molly’s


Also of musical interest was The Damnwells, the second Brooklyn-based band this week, who played Fitzgerald’s Tuesday night. Alex Dezen played two different performances last night. One backed by a solid line-up and one extended acoustic set. I had heard positive things from multiple trusted sources and while I was impressed by the talent, I wasn’t compelled to download albums just yet, but I’m certainly going to find a rotation for them to join and further sway me.

Mix-Tape Mash-Up: BoDeans meet The Finn Brothers
Stoney McDougal’s Take: You holding?

Additional photos found at: www.flennerfoto.com

— Alexander


Austin — Friday, April 8, 2011 8:51 am

Guster put on a great show at the HoB on Wednesday night. It wasn’t well attended, but really enjoyed by those smart enough to be there!

Shameful Spam — Friday, April 8, 2011 8:51 am

Thanks, it’s usefully.

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