November 10th, 2011

Loopster Live: The Sounds w/ The Limousines at Fitzgerald’s

We walked into Fitzgerald’s just as Kids at the Bar started warming up the crowd with their set behind their laptop and mixers. The weather was turning colder, so only a few people were lingering on the upstairs patio. Either that, or there were an inordinate amount of fans under the smoking age present at the show. Or maybe my chosen minority is becoming increasingly extinct.


The Limousines have found success in their new age anthem “Internet Killed the Video Star” and were slated to take the stage first. Hoodied, yet silver-haired, Eric Victorino takes the stage with a siren-wailing bullhorn while the second half of the duo, Giovanni Giusti manned the sound machines just behind him. They would play for an hour in cramped quarters, but the restriction would release even more energy.


Most of us were in attendance only to hear the two hits that rocketed up the charts from last year’s Get Sharp: The previously mentioned as well as the “Very Busy People.” While upbeat, those songs didn’t give quite enough preparation for the fast-faced set. They even dusted off Paul Simon’s “Call Me Al” and took it for an indietronica spin. This further reinforces my belief that every band should have a cover song on standby for their set. It’s an immediate crowd-pleaser and does much more to define your “sound” than your sound can do alone.


As if reading my mind, after thrilling the crowd with “Very Busy People,” The Limousines launched into another cover: New Order’s “Temptation.” So, if you had to choose would it be a well-known or obscure cover that your favorite indie band played? It’s hard to choose, but I’ll definitely will take one of each. It created a set list that matched the onstage antics of huge balloons filled with graffiti, bullhorns, an iPad, Victorino forcing a kiss on Giusiti and Victorino losing his footing and cascading into the crowd.


For as much admiration The Limousines won over with their set, it was pretty obvious that a majority of ticket-buyers were coming in for The Sounds. As always, Fitz opened up the second floor balcony to spread out the crowd a little bit so the Swedes could reach the most eyes and ears.


I’ll admit, I wasn’t entirely prepared for what I was about to experience. It blew me away visually from the flickering strobes and frantic crowd interaction of Maja Ivarsson wearing a torn up t-shirt with an American flag screen print. My head started pounding along with the bass. It was almost too much, honestly.


“WE ARE SO FUCKING HAPPY TO BE HERE!” Was the initial cry and then was followed by, “are you ready? are you ready? areyouready? areyouready? areyouready?”

I was trying.


The Sounds were a force to be reckoned with. With Ivarsson’s command of the stage and the crowd, the rest of the band filled in the rest. The bleached blonde had as much fun playing around with her bandmates as with the fans in the front row desperately reaching out to her. Half of the crowd raised up their cellphones or point-n-shoots to try to capture the action. Everyone’s a photographer… (said the guy with a too-expensive camera).


The grip that The Sounds had over the audience was never more apparent than when the band left the stage for Maja’s solo only backed by a piano. “I’m going to sing for you all fucking night, but this one I want you to sing for me,” she yells at the crowd as a cigarette sticks out from between her fingers and a beer is cradled by her other hand. “I want to see lighters, cellphones, cigarettes, hold everything up in the air. Wave your butts in the air,” she says and reflects for a moment as she wags her short-shorted derriere at the fans. “That would be a sight, wouldn’t it.”


The crowd held their own throughout the serenade. And somehow managed to keep enough screams in the tank to egg the Swedes on into the night.

Check out the rest of the photos on Flickr. Please. I beg of you.

— Paul


Cameron — Friday, November 11, 2011 11:22 am

Awesome show. Love Maja!

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