April 19th, 2011

Loopster Live: Trey Brown & Mission Dorado w/ The Small Sounds at Fitzgerald’s

I want to have a CD release show. It seems like so much fun. No, I don’t want to have to go through the trouble of writing original songs, forming a band and having hours upon hours of rehearsal time. Just the CD release party will be fine. Perhaps I’ll make up a “Paul Spring 2K11: The Beast Without Mix-Tape Special” compilation and hand it out upon entry. All I know is that I want to have the party with press releases and an opening act like The Small Sounds just like Trey Brown and Mission Dorado had at Fitzgerald’s on Saturday night.


The doors opened at 8PM, so I ambled up to the teal behemoth that is Fitzgerald’s around 9PM figuring I would catch the soundcheck and be treated to music right away. Instead, I walked into Head Bangers Ball 2011 happening on the downstairs stage of the venue (more on that tomorrow). Not quite what I had expected after streaming Trey Brown’s album for a couple days leading up to the show.


After letting Cavernous and Texxxas assault my brain nodes for a few minutes, I went upstairs to catch The Small Sounds finally taking the stage to lead off the night. And that, they did. There was something comfortable and friendly about the band as they eased their way through the set. Holden Rushing took the mic in between each song with anecdotes (”for those of you with a good ear, you’ll notice that song’s in a new key. We’re mixing shit up.”) or little lessons of “this day in history” (abolition of slavery AND discovery of LSD).


Perhaps the level of comfort was because Holden and the band were already friends with the audience long before I crashed their party. I’d like to think that it’s more of a “if you’re here to listen to us, you’re automatically a friend” since I left with the feelings of needing to see The Small Sounds in the near future and as much as possible after that. What can I say, it doesn’t take me too much to feel invested in live music.

Quick Note: Exactly how many bands does Paul Beebe play with? He’s on drums for The Small Sounds and seems like every time I turn around he’s on stage with another ensemble playing a new instrument.


Taking a brief intermission to catch Eagle Claw downstairs at the behest of my neighbor, I came back into a venue half full. Apparently, the entourage of The Small Sounds didn’t want to stick around for the final act, no less the premiering act of the night, Trey Brown and Mission Dorado. Familiar, I was not, with the eponymous album which we were there to celebrate even though I’d given it a few rotations. If I would have had to guess beforehand, I would have pictured a more upbeat Andrew Karnavas with less European folk and cellos, but with more slide steel.


The echo effect applied to the lead microphone only enhanced the mostly doleful music and lyrics of Trey Brown and his band. I sat there watching and wondering how someone who appeared younger than myself could have been through enough lament to tap into it for an entire record. Then, I remembered that I pretty much considered myself an expert in tragedy by the time I was 22 years old and I’m well past that now.


At first I wondered why Trey Brown and Mission Dorado had waited so long to get their party started. Why not open the night with the festivities of the record release like The Wheel Workers did? As I finished off my third Southern Star Pine Belt and reached for my fourth it was clear there was a reason: Their music is the perfect nightcap or morning wind-up. The album as I listen to it now as I write this a few days after has very much a “pain of yesterday and hope of tomorrow” feel to it.

Walking into Fitzgerald’s I really didn’t know what to expect from two bands that I had heard little to nothing from. When I walked out I had a camera full of photos two CDs shoved awkwardly into the pockets of my jeans. The next album release party will be in Austin, so if you happen to be in our capitol on April 28th, I suggest you check it out.

Check out all the photos:
The Small Sounds and Trey Brown and Mission Dorado

— Paul


Eric S — Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:36 pm

Let me know about that “mix-tape” release party. Sounds like a blast.

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