April 26th, 2010

Melange Creperie: The Ninja Parisian Proliferation

Crepes are one of those things that I will never make for myself. It sounds so simple – batter! pan! cook! – but really, those little glory cakes take the hands of a skilled artisan. The streets of Paris are littered with ninja crepe cooks that can swipe out a paper-thin layer of batter with deadly efficiency, and, without a proliferation of ninja Parisians, I assumed that it would be difficult to find the crepes from those romantic streets of Paris outside of France.


Thanks to Melange Creperie, my fantasies of French street food are no longer confined to Paris; Buffalo Sean has opened a crepe stand on the corner of Taft and Westheimer and has been in business for a full month. Each weekday, from 7am till 1pm, he is parked in front of Mango’s Cafe. If you’re looking for him on the weekend, check his twitter feed @MelangeCreperie to see where the wind takes him.

A sample of crepe options on the morning I visited:

Egg, cheese and organic scallion breakfast crepe $6
Spinach, goat cheese and onion crepe $6
Ham, egg, cheddar crepe $6
Banana and nutella crepe $5
Strawberry and cream crepe $5
Mango parfait crepe $6


If that isn’t enough, you can get a wee children’s crepe for $2, which is a perfect snack. My only wish is that my spinach, goat cheese and onion crepe was a bit more substantial. That said, there is no compromise on quality. Everything was fresh and the crepe had just enough crispness on the outside while still being warm and soft. My companion enjoyed the egg, cheese and scallion crepe and was equally impressed, especially with his scallions that had been grown locally in the 5th ward.

Strange but true: apparently one of the regulations for mobile food units is that there is no seating within 25 feet of the cart. Luckily there are a few railings to lean against and if you walk a block south there’s a nice green meridian to wander around. And don’t think you need to stay: these crepes are highly portable and wrapped in lovely crinkly paper that sits in a bit of foil for insulation.

For skeptics and enthusiasts alike, I suggest just one trip to visit Buffalo Sean: you won’t be disappointed and might have a hard time staying away. I’m already plotting my next visit.

- Khrista


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Shane — Monday, April 26, 2010 2:33 pm

If his crepes are anywhere near as good as his art writing I look forward to trying them on my next Houston visit.

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