September 14th, 2011

Micropeel: Experiencing Glow and Go

The thought of someone pouring acid on my face does not sound pleasant. In fact, it sounds like something out of a horror film. So what made me decide to try a micropeel? Lately I’ve been going through a ‘why not’ stage. Besides, my skin has been looking a little ragged lately, and thanks to Houston’s wonderful heat, my pores have been in oil producing overdrive. Really sexy. Mix that with an impending birthday announcing that I am indeed getting older and I figure it’s time to start fighting age before it’s actually written all over my face.

The first thing I had to do was find a place I could trust. As great as all of those Groupon and Living Social deals are, I had to stop and wonder why they needed the extra promotion and what kind of care I’d get. Spas are great for massages and manicures, but this is my face. And chemicals. And my face. Enter one of the top Dermatologists in Houston—William Doubleday. He’s treated me since I was in high school so I definitely trust him and his staff. Bonus points for being a Longhorn.

I made my appointment with the doctor’s office to get a micropeel the day of my birthday party. Insanity, right? You’ve seen the Sex in the City episode where Samantha has to hide her face behind a veil for Carrie’s book signing party. Ew. Who would willingly do that to themselves?! Well, this is different. Sure it still involves chemicals, and I’m not quite sure what the difference is between the scary chemical peels and the micropeel I received is, but I did not look like a complete freak after. Or even the next day. Quite the contrary.

The dermatologist doesn’t perform the aesthetic services in his office, Jessica the aesthetician, does. She’s cool and friendly, which is important to me because the last thing I want to do is trust some aloof stranger with chemicals around my face. Her smile put me at ease and she explained that the procedure was perfect to do the morning of my party because it would leave my skin bright and red-free.

First, Jessica scraped the dead skin cells off, which sounds a lot worse than it actually was. Then the ‘scary’ part of applying salicylic acid. Truth be told it did tingle a bit, but getting your eyebrows waxed hurts more. After the acid application, she rubbed some magical cool ball over my face. Very technical, I know, but truthfully I wasn’t concentrating on what she said. Done. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes? On went the makeup and I was good as new. She was right in calling it a Glow and Go.

At the party that night some of my friends commented on how happy I looked. Sure, part of the happiness was being around all of my friends while we celebrated my birthday, but most of it was how great my skin looked. I’ve never experienced any facial that did that much for my face. In fact, most facials do the exact opposite of clearing my face—said face gets angry and rebels at all of the poking and prodding and I’m usually fighting post facial breakouts for the next week. The best part of the micropeel was the after effects; it wasn’t just a one day glow. After the treatment I noticed a significant decrease in my face’s normally outrageous oil production. My face actually felt soft, not slick, and with the decrease in oil production came the decrease in those wonderful post adolescent breakouts. I can’t wait for my next one. Finally something that actually works!

— Stacy


Kendall — Thursday, September 15, 2011 7:42 am

I was just thinking I wanted a facial. I think i’ll try this kind now!

Stacy — Thursday, September 15, 2011 8:26 am

I’m completely hooked. Going back for another soon!

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